Who’s ever heard of Alexander the Average?

Who’s ever heard of Alexander the Average?

No, me neither … no one will ever have heard of him!

Alexander the GREAT, yes, Alexander the AVERAGE … no!

So, how great a leader do you want to be? How great do you want your company to be?

The reality is you and your company can only be great by making your people great.

As Sam Walton (founder of Walmart) said, “Outstanding leaders go out of their way to boost the self esteem of their people. When people believe in themselves, it’s amazing what they can accomplish.”

In 2022 it’s clear that we need proper leadership more now than ever before.  And proper leadership is simpler than most people think.

It’s not about getting your people to do extraordinary things … it’s about getting them to do simple things extraordinarily well, identifying and focusing on the vital few, and not the trivial many.

The results which mastery of this produces are nothing short of breath taking – yes, even in such trying and challenging times as these.

“If, when we started the Sewells Leadership Programme, someone had told me the extent of tangible progress we’d make, I’d have said, “It would be impossible”! Of course, now we know that nothing is impossible!” Read more about how we helped De Beers here

“The Leadership skills we learned on the programme have certainly supported us during the pandemic, who knows where we would be if we hadn’t had the skills to cope and manage during this challenging time.” Read more about how we helped Pilkington here 

If results like these are what you want and need in 2022, please contact us TODAY. We’ll arrange a meeting for an hour (either face to face or virtually) to see what is possible for you … and how we, at Sewells, will deliver on what we promise … and what you need – as our current Net Promoter Score of +90 testifies.

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