Additional Services

1-2-1 Performance Coaching

The key aim of our 1-2-1 performance coaching is to help individuals become the best version of themselves, whatever that may look like, so they can produce the outcomes they want, personally & professionally.

Working Miracles with Performance™

“Working Miracles … with Performance™” will guide you through tried and tested, step-by-step strategies that are simple to apply and will allow you to take control of your future – both professionally and personally.

Discovery Phase - Diagnostic Interviews

Discover invaluable insights impacting your business performance and a true “starting point” for any business transformation with structured, strictly private and confidential, one to one interviews with your team.  

Employee Feedback Surveys

Empower your employee voices, find the real barriers to growth and change, and gain insights into what is truly driving your culture with a bespoke, fully managed and actionable Employee Survey.

360 Feedback

Gain comprehensive feedback using a holistic performance review system. gathering feedback from an individual’s line manager, peers, direct reports as well as a self-assessment to create an impactful report to understand strengths and areas for improvement.

MBTI – Myers Briggs Type Indicator

Discover the unique personality traits of your team and harness their full potential for improved collaboration and productivity in our powerful and dynamic MBTI team training sessions.

Motivational Speeches

Ignite passion in your team and unlock their potential with an uplifting, enthusiastic and invigorating motivational speech that will “rally the troops” and have a direct impact on your organisations performance.

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