Do you have ‘class’?

In today’s increasingly complex world of work, we need people with ‘class’ to succeed and to future-proof the organisation. You see, when people speak well of you, it means you have acceptance. When the truth / evidence / your behaviour at work, and with others, speaks well of you, you have ‘class’. So, do you … Continue reading

Celebrate your progress!

Lasting and positive change in any area of life doesn’t usually come through massive human effort, frustration, guilt or beating yourself up over your failures. It comes from having a strong focus on, and total belief in, the benefits that the changes will bring about. Goal setting specialists often describe it as “starting with the end in … Continue reading

The secret to how we, at Sewells, produce such AM-A-ZING performance improvements (in any organisation, in any sector)

Here’s our secret to AM-A-ZING performance improvements (in any organisation, in any sector) ….   We build our development programmes to deliver “outcomes” not “content” (i.e. a 25% increase in sales revenues, a 30% increase in profits, customer loyalty improving by 22%, employee engagement above 80%, etc…)   We cover “content” brilliantly according to our … Continue reading

Unlocking the passion in your people

If you’re looking for record results in 2019 and performance improvements from all areas of the organisation … look no further than developing your managers and leaders to be able to unlock the passion in your people.   Passion, when unlocked in people, becomes an unstoppable force that drives creativity, creates a determination to succeed … Continue reading

Just what you want/need

In a recent meeting where we’d got some of our prospective clients together to discuss how we could work with each other in the future, a disturbing message was delivered to us at Sewells. The consensus was, “We’re not sure what you, as a company, do!” It was like a dagger going into the heart for … Continue reading

The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire!!

Let’s cut to the quick; we help you embed truly inspirational, day-to-day leadership skills in your managers so they can motivate their teams to perform at levels never seen before. What better initiative could you introduce in 2019? What impact would it have on your results? We can tell you … it would be SENSATIONAL! … Continue reading

Is this you?

In the last six months of 2018 we’ve been inundated with enquiries for our world-renowned business improvement programmes.   These enquiries have ranged from delivering profitable sales growth, inspirational leadership to motivate and inspire passion in teams, building an “unstoppable” culture to improve performance, making “dysfunctional” teams “function” again etc…   The frustrating thing from our point of view is … Continue reading

Some reflections on 2018 by Sewells Chairman, Dr William Holden

We, like you, have been reflecting on how things have gone in 2018 … it’s a natural and normal thing to do at this time of the year.   How has your organisation fared? How would you score what you and your organisation have achieved in 2018?   It’s a time of reflection and resolution, … Continue reading

How to encourage your employees to take leadership roles

Every organisation needs strong leadership at the top. That’s obvious, but it’s also not enough: leaders are needed throughout the company, in every area and at every level.   When you have people with leadership potential in roles where they can make important decisions, be innovative in order to achieve goals and reach targets and … Continue reading