We’ve had an overwhelming response to our BOUNCEBACKABILITY events and with just a few weeks remaining in 2020 we didn’t want you to miss out on making 2021 your year of recovery and brilliant bounce back. Our experience in recent months has shown that many key players in companies are “battle weary” … and that … Continue reading

Change: Is it Business Improvement you need or Business Transformation?

For over 56 years, and in economic conditions every bit as bad as we’re facing now,  our clients and prospective clients have been getting in touch with us to help improve business performance. We’re always delighted to help. However, after completing in depth diagnostic interviews and analysis, and having an honest discussion with us, what … Continue reading

BOUNCEBACKABILITY: How the best businesses differ from the rest

With over fifty years of experience in helping businesses transform performance and bottom-line results, especially when times are tough like now, we, at Sewells, have learned a thing or two. We’ve learned what the key element is that contributes most to a combination of growth, profitability and sustainability. That key element has nothing to do … Continue reading

The “Bounceback” Leadership Skills You Need To Thrive Again

In this week’s issue: Becoming a great leader to come out of the Covid-19 crisis stronger than when you went in   The principal role of a leader in business today has to be to authentically win the hearts and minds of their people – so that those people willingly change their behaviour and performance … Continue reading

The essence of brilliant “bouncebackability” leadership skills

An effective leader is usually good at balancing how much they allow the team to contribute to organisational success – and how much they contribute themselves. They know they need to work hard to channel the commitment, effort, skill and effectiveness of their team and allow their team to take up the challenges and deliver, … Continue reading

The solution to getting your organisation to thrive again

It has become increasingly clear post lockdown 2020 that organisations realise that their culture and leadership skills are major keys to creating and sustaining the positive change that will be needed to significantly improve performance and results. Even before the Covid-19 pandemic, research suggested that whilst 96% of company executives believe that they have a … Continue reading

Coaching…A Powerful Tool In Changing Times

Effective leadership requires a high level of resourcefulness, courage, and humility to be able to dig deep and tap into the skills and capabilities required to be the real leader others need…these qualities are invaluable in the current situation. Charles Darwin’s’ words, “It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most … Continue reading