Find out The Seven Key Principles of Successful Sales

We, at Sewells, have found that the good, highly effective “timeless” selling skills are becoming more and more difficult to find … even more so now we’re going more and more down the “remote” and “virtual” route! When salespeople take the tired and outdated approaches in striving to sell successfully, many of the most important … Continue reading

Adding Value to Your Sales Process … (even when you don’t think you need it)

Recently, a Sales Director asked us for some advice about improving sales volumes, margin, and customer retention. They were just ahead of target and it was felt that the improvement programme we proposed wasn’t “optimal”. We asked, “What are your thoughts on how the sales process should be properly used?” She answered they had a … Continue reading

Discover The Biggest Barriers to Sales Improvement for Businesses Like Yours

Can you relate and recognise any of these problems in your sales department? Lack of growth? Squeezing of margins? Customer retention/loyalty? Lack of an effective CRM system? Crowded and competitive marketplace? Non-existent sales process? Retention of salespeople? No value added? Price of product or service too high?    It could be any or all of … Continue reading

The way to lead? It’s as easy as B-L-T

This year, more than ever, people in leadership positions in business must put interpersonal relationships as the top priority in their leadership tool kit.  In other words, how well can they communicate, empathise, motivate and build genuine trust with their teams? They must be able to re-invigorate and re-engage their people by demonstrating that they have … Continue reading

Stop procrastinating, start leading!

I can’t believe how many people in leadership positions seem to have lost the ability to make decisions, become masterful at creative problem solving or planning, in a way that turns ideas into action and the spectacular results all businesses need just now These are the basics of leadership. If we can’t master these, we’ll never … Continue reading

Giving them Hell or Hope?

We, at Sewells, don’t give corporate executives hell … we just tell them the truth and they sometimes think it’s hell .. when, the realty is, it’s hope! Every organisation needs a truth teller. We call them “Yinglings” after a US Army Colonel called Paul Yingling. He loves the Army and yet is not afraid … Continue reading

Do you want a simple solution to the significant business challenges you need to fix in 2021 …?

In your organisation, how closely (if at all) are your teams’ beliefs aligned?   When management believes certain things, and their teams believe something else then there is an issue. For example: Management believes the new direction will energise and motivate the team … their teams believe there was nothing wrong with the old direction … Continue reading

Companies don’t provide customer service … people do!

There is no way that the quality of customer service can exceed the quality of the attitude of the people who provide it (whether on the ‘phone, virtually or finally back to face to face) – and the culture of the organisation within which they work. 10 times out of 10, if the attitude and … Continue reading

Working Miracles: a fantastic, life-changing, life-affirming workshop

Announcing our next “Working Miracles … with Performance™” open workshop on May 19th and 20th, 2021. Now is the time to get yourself and your people fully focused, motivated and engaged in delivering what you need to make 2021 better than you ever could have hoped for. This two-day workshop will guide you through tried and … Continue reading

A team can spell success … or disaster.

Like most people, we’ve always been fascinated by teamwork and performance. Now, more than even – whether that’s the team in the office or at home – or a combination of both! So, how does the right team become a single, efficient, almost unstoppable unit. Each person playing their own part, in achieving … and … Continue reading