A proper organisational purpose will turbocharge your recovery

If we came into your organisation and asked members of your team the reason they get up for work each morning (either at home or in the office), how many of them would say it was because of their sense of pride and passion in being associated with what you do – and how you do … Continue reading

The TOSITA Series – Inspirational Story for 19th March

Belief is absolute! Following our video on Monday (catch up here if you want to see it again), here’s an inspiring true story about the power of belief. A business man was in debt and couldn’t figure out a way out of it. Creditors were pressing him.  Suppliers were demanding payments.  He was sitting on … Continue reading

The Cultural Recipe to Make Your Bouncebackability all you’ll want it to be

Here is a recipe that will help your business, or your part of it, BOUNCEBACK brilliantly whether it is the entire company, three programmers, a dozen customer service representatives or the whole sales force. Note that ALL the ingredients must be genuine and the real thing;  dilutions or imitations will spoil the recipe!   (Click on … Continue reading

The “TOSITA” Series – Inspirational Story for Friday 12th March

Following on from our TOSITA (The Other Shot In The Arm) videos explaining the power of our mind when it’s got the right belief, it reminded me of this historical example. (Please remember, the belief doesn’t need to be true)   In reality, our fate is in our own hands – and minds! There was … Continue reading

Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast – especially as we come out of lockdown

The key to success is when companies have consciously and deliberately landed the kind of deep-rooted culture change that always provides significant improvements in performance and results. With the rapid pace of change happening around us right now – whether that’s gearing up after lockdown, managing our teams remotely, working with suppliers and customers differently, … Continue reading

Sewells’ TOSITA series – Video #4

Last week, in the third video of the series, Sewells Chairman, Dr William Holden, talked about how to control our thinking and stop negativity taking over our minds.  If you missed it and want to catch up just click here This week he explains why positive thinking produces positive outcomes. It’s really powerful stuff … click … Continue reading

The “TOSITA” Series – Inspirational Story for Friday 5th March

Following on from our TOSITA (The Other Shot In The Arm) video on Monday – the focus was on learning how to control our thinking. It’s particularly tough to do this at the moment with all the challenges we face and negativity that abounds.  However, it’s more important than ever to master this now so … Continue reading

The Most Important Job In Any Business As They Come Out Of Lockdown

Behind every great team that produces outstanding results time and time again is a strong, positive culture, terrific leadership and passionate and committed people. Culture is so important.  Why?  Because culture is the living, breathing essence of what a team believes, values and does.  Culture is the written and unwritten rules that say how a … Continue reading

The “TOSITA” Series – Inspirational Story for Friday 26th February

Following on from our TOSITA (The Other Shot In The Arm) video on Monday – the main focus was that “human beings become on the outside what they think about on the inside” – here is an example of how important it is to make sure we manage our people’s thinking brilliantly. Before you commit … Continue reading