The Worst Managerial Traits displayed by Leaders – Part One

A few months ago we posted an article on our blog talking about the reasons people leave companies. According to the findings of a Gallup poll released about the same time by far and away the main reason people leave is because of their boss – not the role, not the pay, but because of their manager, … Continue reading

Here’s to making 2019 your best year ever!

“What?!” I hear you say!! “It’s still only August and you’re talking about 2019. You must be mad!” Well, we’re not mad, we’re prepared – and we want you to be, too. We’re nearly two thirds the way through 2018, so you’ll have a pretty good idea how the year will turn out, results-wise, for your team, … Continue reading

You’re giving your sales development contract to WHO?

The Commercial Director in the UK and Ireland for a global, “high end”, big ticket brand, has just started another three-year business improvement programme with Sewells. This is the sixth one he has commissioned in a twenty-five year period … with four different companies, in four different market sectors. Why? Because the performance improvements we’ve … Continue reading

The key to business improvement: What you need to know/learn

It’s easy to find people who’ll tell you what you want to hear.  It really is. However, your true ally is the one who’ll tell you not only what you need to know/learn, but also the what and how to change to produce significant improvements in performance – for yourself, the team, different departments and … Continue reading

Is this your Leadership? How blind spots plague even the best leaders

For those of us who lead, traits like self-awareness and self-control should be a natural part of our emotional intelligence. But we might not know ourselves as well as we think we do – we might have blind spots that are plaguing our leadership and we don’t even know it.   Imagine someone in a … Continue reading

Why most leadership programmes suck (and don’t improve results)

There are two basic problems with most leadership programmes that organisations run:- They suck (they’re theoretical mumbo-jumbo); or They don’t improve the day to day behaviours of leaders or their teams’ performance The main reason for this is a complete misunderstanding of how leadership skills drive improvements in performance. It’s usually not at the macro-level – … Continue reading

Increasing sales revenues and unit profitability: a simple formula

In the last 12 months our sales development programmes have increased our customers’ sales revenues by an average of 29.6% and unit profitability by 32.4%. We’ve managed to do this by our deep understanding of: Turning the “sales process” into a “buying process”; Focusing on relationship-based selling, not transaction-based selling; And, most importantly, tackling “head … Continue reading

How balanced are your leadership skills?

Tough-minded Leadership with humanistic/people-focused Skills   In business today, every leader, every boss, every Chief Executive Officer, wants their company to be successful and so they advocate for tough-minded attitudes and strong-willed personalities.   And in doing so, they sometimes miss the mark and don’t create the success they are after.   They forget that, … Continue reading

Would you recognise the seven signs that your business environment needs a re-boot?

All the research shows that the business environment you create is the biggest factor in organisational performance, results and sustainability (i.e. future-proofing it). Yet too many organisations ignore it … focusing on systems, processes and structure. There are 7 signs that the environment is in need of a re-boot … to re-energise all aspects of … Continue reading

7 Important Reasons Leaders Fail

Whether you’re in a formal leadership role or not, if people are relying on you and you are responsible for their success, you’re serving as a leader – and that means experiencing all the highs and lows of leadership. Generally, leaders want to do their best and maintain high standards of excellence for their customers, … Continue reading