Don’t give me any of that “namby-pamby”, “pink and fluffy” culture stuff …

Every organisation with more than three people in it has got a culture.

The culture can be anything from positive, constructive and unstoppable to negative, destructive and horrendous.

All the work we, at Sewells, have done over the years generally and since the pandemic started in particular shows that, providing the business model works, the fastest way to: –


  • Grow sales … profitably
  • Deliver operational excellence in all areas
  • Amaze customers with levels of service that will lock them into you forever and a day
  • Electrify team spirit, build trust, alignment and engagement
  • Motivate and inspire people to give their best day in, day out


… is by knowing how to successfully change and improve the culture.

Most organisations know this, but few, very few, can do it successfully.

Many organisations spend huge amounts of time and money trying to effect a positive and sustainable culture change … and fall well short of what is required.

Successfully changing culture is specialist work … and it’s important to master it because it produces performance transformations most business leaders would only dare dream of!

Having the right culture has never been more critical in your business – especially if you have several cultures; one in the office, one on the shop floor, one in distribution, a “working from home” one and a hybrid of them all!

Don’t take our word for it, one of our current customers (yes, even through the pandemic) is so passionate about this, that he has offered for anyone to speak to him about the situation he was in and where he needed to be. Why not take up your open invite to call our client, Derren Gittens, MD, Verplas on 01202 825 898 to talk you through the positive transformation he has experienced (with our help).

If you are doing lots of great things and just not getting the results, why not call Derren, or contact us today to arrange for a “no obligation” chat about the secrets to successful culture change and produce breath taking improvements in results?

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