Why most leadership development programmes are probably a waste of time and money

Leadership Development is a huge business, but most of it is a waste of time and money. In small, medium and large businesses leadership development seems to be the rage these days. Most organisations are engaged in some sort of leadership, change management, or culture change development programme. These organisations are desperate to maximise the … Continue reading

Is this the highest ROI for any business?

Most organisations are over managed and under led. Subject experts abound – and true leaders are thin on the ground. Which is probably why you feel powerless sometimes … and not in control. When it comes to leadership development, you need something that works, from an organisation with a world class track record – that … Continue reading

A few things not to miss out on this September

As someone who is working hard at improving business performance and results, you will know how important it is to effectively manage the conflicts that arise between individuals and departments. Conflicts waste a lot of energy and creativity … so … how should they be managed? There are only 4 options for managing conflicts … … Continue reading

The Top 10 Reasons People Resist Change

One of the biggest reasons that business executives are kept awake at night is the slowness of the organisation to adapt to much needed change. It’s a well-known fact that over 80% of change initiatives fail (or fail to deliver anything like the expected outcomes). It’s a strange fact that no one, except for Sewells, … Continue reading

Dr Will Holden will take to the stage at AM and IMI People Conference

Taking to the stage at this year’s AM People Conference, hosted in partnership with the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), Dr Will Holden will deliver a lesson in creating a culture which fosters high performing, inspirational and unstoppable team players on the 19th September 2017 at Whittlebury Hall and Spa, Whittlebury, Near Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 8QH. The … Continue reading

Knowledge is NOT power; knowing how to use it effectively IS!

Most efforts at significant personal improvement fail. The result? Other than no improvements being seen … that person might lose self-confidence, self-esteem and belief in the fact that positive change is possible. As such, they are less likely to try any change in the future … because they now believe “it’s not for them”. What’s … Continue reading

What do you think the most dangerous words in business are …?

You told us they are: “We’ve always done it that way.”   As business leaders everywhere try to make changes to improve performance, operational excellence, customer handling, cost control, profitability, etc., they tell us that their biggest frustration is getting anyone who is resistant to change to come to understand that the pace of change … Continue reading

The Signs That It’s Time for an Upgrade to your Culture

Every organisation with more than 3 people in it has a culture…and studies show that the culture is the most important factor in its success – or otherwise. All companies need to go through change. All great leaders have to learn how to lead and deliver change in order to remain competitive and relevant in … Continue reading

You’re already way ahead of most leaders in business

Yes …you really are… …Why is that? Because you’re looking: looking for advice  …  looking for answers  …  looking for improvement – not just from yourself but from your teams and from your business’s performance as a whole. I know you’re way ahead of most leaders in business because you wouldn’t be reading this otherwise. … Continue reading

Do you have any idea how bad we are at managing and prioritising our time!?

Do you have any idea of just how bad we all are at managing and prioritising our time?   Studies just pile up from entities ranging from LinkedIn, Gallup, SurveyMonkey and several others that show:-   41% of people’s “to do” list items are never completed 40% of people’s productivity is lost to “self-interruption” (not … Continue reading