Would you recognise the seven signs that your business environment needs a re-boot?

All the research shows that the business environment you create is the biggest factor in organisational performance, results and sustainability (i.e. future-proofing it). Yet too many organisations ignore it … focusing on systems, processes and structure. There are 7 signs that the environment is in need of a re-boot … to re-energise all aspects of … Continue reading

7 Important Reasons Leaders Fail

Whether you’re in a formal leadership role or not, if people are relying on you and you are responsible for their success, you’re serving as a leader – and that means experiencing all the highs and lows of leadership. Generally, leaders want to do their best and maintain high standards of excellence for their customers, … Continue reading

Who are the leaders we remember most? (For all the right reasons!)

The leaders we remember most, the ones who stand out from the rest, are the ones who are inspirational and challenging – in their actions, in their thinking, and certainly in the way they have interacted with us. The leaders we remember most are the ones who have followed these practices of brilliant leadership:- They … Continue reading

Getting People to Believe in Themselves

The best leaders are those who get people to believe in themselves.   When people believe in themselves and, in what you, as an organisation, are all about, they have a reason to commit to something significant and meaningful … and give the best they’ve got .. day in, day out.   When people feel … Continue reading

Creating a Culture of “Getting Things Done”

If strategy is identifying how to achieve/exceed objectives, execution is all about making it happen.   It’s the follow through. The next step. The primary elements of successful companies are: Clear goals for everybody within the company that deliver the general strategy A method of measuring development towards those goals on a daily basis Clear responsibility, … Continue reading

Can Sewells Improve your Business Performance? …. The answer is YES!

Now, what outcomes do you want to see? Whether you’re looking to eradicate team team dysfunction, achieve amazing levels of customer service or find the secret to making more profitable sales …. the business improvement you’re looking for is very much within your reach. We provide the best-designed, most reliable business improvement solutions at competitive value for money … Continue reading

Is this true for your Sales Department?

Recent research has shown the following (click on the picture to enlarge):- How do you compare? Are you that different?   These research findings show that sales performance is not being optimised. However, while the above are BIG barriers to optimal performance … the BIGGEST barriers are not in processes, systems and resources … they … Continue reading

The key to successfully embedding change? It’s all about LEADERSHIP

It takes a whole team of people to create a great company – one that is nimble, adept at making necessary changes, exceeding objectives and one that leaves its competitors standing. However, it only takes a few managers who are poor at successfully managing those business critical changes into the business, before you run the … Continue reading

At last, real help for leaders

When we begin our careers, we’re often very ineffective as leaders. The big problem quite often is wanting to please everybody.  Making people happy and getting them to like us, as bosses, is the most important thing to so many of us. The bottom line is that, in our early years, we lack the confidence … Continue reading

Is it time to stop flogging a dead horse?

Are you getting the business results you hoped for? The best definition of insanity we’ve ever come across is doing the same old things over and over again, hoping for different results. If what you’re doing to achieve your goals isn’t working, a new, dynamic, tried and tested approach is required to guarantee success. However, … Continue reading