Leaders and managers now all need to lead – BRILLIANTLY!

There has never been a time in business when strong and decisive leadership has been required more than it is now.

In times of crisis and uncertainty like now, human nature takes one of two directions:

  • Fear and helplessness; or
  • Resilience and engagement

The choice of direction taken by individuals is massively affected by the key messages communicated, or not, by the leaders and managers in any organisation.

When they communicate clear, consistent and believable ways forward where people can see how they can positively contribute, the impact on confidence, focus, team working, resilience and engagement is tangible.

Then, and only then, can any business or organisation maximise the recovery and speed up the bounce-back.

There are four things upon which to concentrate in order to lead your people brilliantly to extraordinary performance and results post-lockdown or on the return or resumption of work.


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Let’s commit to not just nodding our heads at these and agreeing with them – do something amazing by putting them in to practice.

This is how you’ll make a huge difference to the way your people will feel. It will help them, you and the business get through this and come out of it stronger.

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