Being brilliant at motivating others – your key to a strong recovery

As the focus begins to move towards getting businesses – large and small – back to work, two things will really distinguish those who come out of this as winners.

1) The ability to do it safely, with social distancing, etc …

2) The ability for you and your managers to understand, and apply, what motivates others to perform at their best

We’re not going to give any insights into the first one, as that’s not our area of expertise.

We ARE going to give you some insights into the second one – the motivation piece – because our clients have been telling us for the last 30 years that we’re the world leaders in this specialism.

Proper motivation was tough enough for leaders and managers to master in the pre-Covid-10 “normal times”, mainly because no two people share the same motivation / motivators (motivation being an individual’s general willingness to do something and it being a set of psychological forces that compels an individual to take action).

It’s going to be doubly difficult in a post-Covid-19 world of work as proper motivation is going to need to be more individual than ever – and it’ll have to be deeper than ever.

Here are some insights for establishing individual motivation and a motivational culture.



Extraordinary performance improvements are guaranteed when people, and teams, are motivated properly.

To motivate others properly takes lots of practice, and to do it with sincerity takes skill and ability.

When the time is right … and you want to learn how to “rev people off the clock” come to the experts.  Trust Virgil’s advice … Experto Credite … Trust The One Who Has Proved It (again and again and again!)


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