The fundamental principles and practices of leadership

The most fundamental role of a successful leader, in business, is to authentically win the hearts and minds of their people so that they willingly change their behaviour and performance to exceed objectives – and to make sure that everyone is pulling in the same direction.

The more we help businesses transform their performance and results, the more we realise what a shortage there is of these truly effective and inspiring leaders.

Although there are many hard-working, well-intentioned managers, with stretching targets – who do their best, sadly, most of them are not doing enough to become successful and inspiring leaders that drive the business forward.

So to become a great leader they need to inspire people in a way that gives them the heart, grit, determination and levels of commitment that border on ‘unstoppable’ – to get them to unlock their unlimited potential, and channel and direct it with stunning focus … meaning stretching targets get smashed.

Great leaders also need the ability to set, and respect, role boundaries. It sounds simple enough … but it’s actually one of the most difficult skills for leaders to master. An effective leader is usually good at balancing how much they allow the team to contribute to organisational success – and how much they contribute themselves.

What differentiates great leaders from poor ones is that great leaders can channel the commitment, effort, skill and effectiveness of their team so they are able to (and allowed to) take up the challenges and deliver, or over-deliver.

In recent years more and more businesses have realised the importance of leadership and made it their top priority for success and improvement. This is simply because, without it, performance remains the same and results don’t improve.

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