Four actions that prevent procrastination

So many managers seem to be quite poor at making the right decisions or being good at problem-solving. These are the basics of good management. If managers can’t master these they’ll never be able to master the job of managing – i.e. producing improved performance and terrific results.

We speak to a lot of managers and their teams about the issues they’re facing.  We can say that 90% of the issues that their teams are facing are about their managers not making decisions or giving enough direction or help on how to make the right ones.

Someone once said “When facing making a decision – the best thing you can do is make the right decision, the next best thing is to make the wrong decision – and the worst thing to do is make no decision.”

That’s so true … and here’s some more really useful tips to guide you when an issue hits your desk -there are only four kinds of action choices you have:

  1. You decide not to deal with the issue (then please let everyone know that’s the action you’ve taken).
  2. You can assign it to someone else (but please put a date in the diary for when you’re going to follow-up with the person to make sure it’s been dealt with).
  3. You can take immediate action to deal with it yourself.
  4. You can set aside specific time to deal with the issue (again, don’t forget to put it in your diary and let everyone know it will be dealt with by that day).

So, there you go – the end of procrastination. The team is happy and you can get on with actioning plans.

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