You’ve created a future proof “change story” for your business. Do you know how to motivate your people to be fully committed to making it a success?

Whether it’s a “good to great” or a “turnaround” change, the biggest challenge is in totally engaging people to give their all to making it happen is still all too common.

When we ask managers and members of their team, “What motivates you at work?” (And we ask this ALL the time), the responses are almost equally split into five areas:

  1. Impact on the well-being of the customers (providing superior products and services)
  2. Impact on the working team (creating an honest and fair environment)
  3. Impact within society (helping to build the community, conserving resources)
  4. Impact on the company and its shareholders (reputation, integrity, pride and security)
  5. Impact on “me” personally (my development, career path, well-being, salary, benefits)


One of the biggest issues we find is that what the leader cares about, and is focused on and motivated by, is not necessarily the same for all of his or her people.

So, if the future proof “change story” only focuses on the leader’s major motivator (which it usually does), 80% of the workforce may well be left thinking, “What’s this change programme got to do with me? It doesn’t do it for me”!

Leaders invariably fail to unleash the tremendous amounts of energy and creativity in 80% of their people, which are so crucial for any business-critical change to succeed.

One recent change programme we ran in an organisation that had been dogged by resistance for over a year from the team, showed a 17.2% improvement in performance within three months of us helping them re-communicate the “change story” and properly redeploy the programme.

Another company saw a £66m turnaround on the bottom line in two years…after 5 years of stagnation!

Be reassured that, with our tried, tested and trusted approach to leading and landing change, we can achieve similar results for you.

Please call us to discuss how we may be able to improve the successful landing of your “change story” on 01244 681068 or, if you prefer to email us, that’s fine too.

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