You shouldn’t be managing change … you should be leading and inspiring it!

The very term “managing change” suggests the approaches most organisations take are inherently wrong.

It infers it’s a tug of war.

It implies people are being “dragged through the hedges” kicking and screaming … and all too often that’s what happens.

Staff are frustrated that managers don’t lead the change, they just “issue instructions”  –   and managers are frustrated that staff don’t embrace change, they just “resist” it … RESULT? Nothing, or very little, changes at all!

Does this sound familiar? Of course it does!

So how can we take a different approach, where inspiring managers are leading the change by motivating staff to being “willing volunteers” towards creating a better and sustainable future (i.e not just fixing the past)?

Firstly, let’s stop calling it “change” – the very word terrifies people – let’s call it improvement.  No one wants to change – and everyone wants to improve!



Being able to inspire people to be improvement and change ready is probably your organisation’s biggest competitive advantage.

Anticipating the improvements required for a better and more sustainable future, faster and more effectively than any of your competitors, will leave them miles behind.

It’s not a nice to do, it’s a need to do!

Don’t take any risks with how you approach change, see how Sewells can help you in achieving everything you know you and your team are capable of … just like we have for so many others …


  • A leading company in the financial services sector reported a 68% sales increase year on year and – crucially – because of  the genuine and professional relationship we helped them establish with their clients, the company was able to drive consistent and profitable growth, long after the programme had ended
  • Another financial services client saw profits rise from £6.2 million to £50.3 million in just 4 years and employee turnover decrease by 46% in the year following their work with us – which saved the company over £2 million
  • A third company, this time in the manufacturing sector, in the first year reported a 20% increase in profits, in year two profits increased by a further 25% and employee engagement scores “improved off the scale”


Call us today us on 01244 681068 or email us at and you too could achieve similar results … you’ll be glad you did!

Yours enthusiastically


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