Working in different cultures – useful phrases and their translation

Having worked extensively on global or pan-European business improvement programmes for many organisations, we learned some important differences from what’s said by the British  –  and what’s meant and what’s understood by other cultures.


Can you relate to/recognise some of these? Of course you can!

Effective and unambiguous communication is a key element of a strong “unstoppable”, “bring it on” culture that drives significant improvements in performance and results in, any business –  just look at some of the results we’ve helped produce …

  • As a result of our work with an organisation in the automotive industry they had seen sales increase by 20%, in a market up by 4%.
  • Another organisation in the manufacturing industry had seen a massive 148% increase in sales
  • Also, after working with an organisation in financial they’ve had a 25% uplift in sales  –  and the margin has increased.

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