Why a change-ready culture is critical for all businesses

You are the architect and the builder of your corporate culture.

You, and the senior leadership team, shape it through your corporate mission (purpose), vision and values, your strategy and your business plans.  That way you bring it down from 50,000 feet to 5 feet and turn it into a stunning success and reality.

Every new initiative you launch serves as one more building block in the attitudinal and behavioural habit patterns that make up the personality – the culture – of the organisation.

Our 57 year experience tells us that the culture is probably the major ingredient that determines the success, or otherwise, of an organisation.  Over time, the culture takes on a life of its own.  It gains power and influence over all aspects of the business – and becomes the core of the “business as usual”.

As powerful as the culture might be, it cannot be established – or changed – without permission from your people …yes, all your people.

Your culture may make you dominant in your field today – and destroy you tomorrow if negative sub-cultures emerge.

The problems and risks come when the world changes (and we all know about that!), the market changes, the customer demands change – and your culture can’t … because people in the organisation won’t give it a chance.

In today’s high-velocity world of change, you need a  “change ready” culture.. Without it, the future of your organisation is at maximum risk.  

Our recent research shows that only 30% of people in organisations think they are any good at leading and landing change, and fewer than 14% think their managers have any understanding of how to engage and enthuse their people towards business critical changes.

If any of this strikes a chord with you, why not arrange a no-obligation meeting – 30 minutes of your time either online or on the phone – which may be one of the most significant business improvement / future-proofing meetings you have ever arranged.

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