Embrace the fact that there is probably a better way to engage others to change

The best definition of insanity we’ve ever come across is ‘doing the same old things over and over again, hoping for different results’. If what you are doing to achieve your objectives isn’t working, then you need to change what you’re doing.

It’s sad to see how many organisations we’ve met within recent months who are really struggling to get business critical changes embedded into day to day operations.

We see the same mistakes being made over and over which makes change either difficult to implement, or it takes too long.  These mistakes include:

  • Focusing on WHAT to change before making sure the people involved understand fully WHY the change is needed; and
  • Spending too much time on the systems and processes side of change and leaving the people side until later (or ignoring it completely). Managers massively underestimate how long it takes for people to become comfortable with, and good at, the changes required


What we’ve learned is that change happens quickly, habits change slowly, human nature never changes.  So here is the Sewells 3 Step Guide to Embedding Change 

  1. Now more than ever, managers need to be able to adjust their own – and other people’s – thinking around the need for change and the desired outcome so that they get people to really ‘get it’
  2. Be available to talk through the change and listen to people’s concerns with true empathy. Understand why they are reluctant to change
  3. It’s not about doing extraordinary things – it’s about doing simple things extraordinarily well


Download the infographic here 

Most organisations try and create change through forcing these changes rather than inspiring others to want to make the changes required willingly, and when the change doesn’t happen quickly enough more force is the outcome.

Make sure you are one of the INSPIRING MANAGERS.

In these challenging times change is the constant, speed is the variable. Be brilliant at change!

This is what one of our customers recently said:

“Forget every consultancy you have ever worked with, only one company will really bring in the results if you are open to real change, and that is Sewells.”
Managing Director, Verplas Ltd

If you need help and encouragement to start making a change in your organisation then you need to arrange some time to speak with a member of our team (either on the phone, Zoom or via Microsoft Teams) as soon as possible.

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