Is this true for your Sales Department?

Recent research has shown the following (click on the picture to enlarge):-

How do you compare? Are you that different?


These research findings show that sales performance is not being optimised.

However, while the above are BIG barriers to optimal performance … the BIGGEST barriers are not in processes, systems and resources … they are in the mind-sets and attitudes of the sales people and sales managers themselves.

Knowledge and skills are important – but tenacity, determination, persistence, likeability, confidence, belief, grit etc. are more important.

For example, the research also shows that with one company … it took their best sales people an average of 3 visits and 5 follow-up calls to convert a prospect into a client.  The average performers only visited prospects twice and only one follow-up call.

It cost them millions in wasted sales effort and lost sales opportunities.

Another company showed that clients buy after 5 “no’s” … yet 44% of salespeople give up after the first “no”, 22% after the second, and 14% after the third!

We, at Sewells, have an unrivalled reputation and track record of transforming performance in sales departments.

Two recent clients experienced the following results:-

  • In 18 months our UK client of a global organisation improved market share from 5.5% to 9.6% (a 74% increase)
  • 522 new clients came on board (previous 18 months it was 32)
  • Additional “value-added” products and services taken advantage of by clients went from below 30% to over 65%
  • Customer satisfaction moved from 71% to 89%

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