The top 3 ways of exceeding business objectives in 2018

There are 3 guaranteed ways of making sure you achieve, or exceed, all your business objectives in 2018.

They are:

  • Fix the culture – get everyone 100% “on board”
  • Fix the culture – create leaders who can achieve!
  • Fix the culture – develop an “unstoppability” factor

The focus is so wrong in many business plans and strategies. For instance, many organisations think that employee engagement is about creating higher levels of worker satisfaction and happiness.

It’s not!  If it were, why is it that for all the time, effort and money spent on it … over 51% of employees are actively looking for another job according to the latest Gallup survey? (This is the highest for over 10 years) … And for over 17 years, employee engagement overall has not improved one jot!

The purpose of employee engagement is to achieve improved business outcomes (satisfaction and happiness should be by products of improved business outcomes).

Fixing the culture is the fastest and most effective way of hitting all your organisational objectives for 2018.

It really is.

It is specialist work – work that we, at Sewells, have made our own over the last 10 years.  The results we help organisations achieve speak for themselves:-

  • A world leader in the engineering sector has seen their productivity rise by 164% in just 18 months after having engaged Sewells
  • “We’ve made more profit in 6 months than we made in our best year ever!” commented the Managing Director of a UK retail group
  • A client in the financial services sector reported a 58% increase in turnover and 74% increase in profits having applied Sewells’ business transformation techniques

If you’d like to see improvements on this scale let’s meet to discuss why our tried and tested approach has never failed to exceed pre-agreed objectives (hard and soft).

Contact us now for a “no obligation” chat and a chance to win your choice of:-

a. A pair of places* on our world renowned “Working Miracles™ with Performance” workshop with a total value of £3,990; or

b. A free cultural diagnostic health check* with a value of £4,000

You know what we’re going to say now … get in touch and see how we can help you in 2018 … you’ll be really glad you did!

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