The 10 most common forms of dysfunction of a team

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Ongoing turf wars

In the ideal professional world, all co-workers get along. But in reality, it’s not uncommon for colleagues to dislike each other. Arguments, rifts and mean-spirited rivalries may follow. And in the worst cases, dislike and rivalry can develop into full-blown office warfare!

Taking undue credit 

Those with low self-esteem need to “toot their own horn” and take credit for work they didn’t do. The bottom line is that they hunger for recognition, but their behaviour can quickly wreck even a strong team.

Hiding resources or withholding information 

Those who refuse to share knowledge – either by playing dumb or being evasive – are working only to better themselves, not for the good of the team

Frequent and senseless re-organisations 

Sometimes people in leadership think that constant tinkering with an organisation’s structure is the way to fix any issues.  Unfortunately, the certainty of frequent re-structuring actually makes problems worse.

High Turnover 

Happy, fulfilled employees don’t leave unless there’s a great opportunity, or a compelling personal reason.  If people are departing in droves, you’ve got a problem.

Favouritism and preferential treatment 

Inequality is a quick path to discomfort and strife. Treat everyone the same way – specifically the way you would want to be treated.

Inflexibility in procedures 

If a team’s allegiance is only to procedures, its members lose out on what really matters – the process and the people that make it work.

Filtering out bad news 

How bad news is shared says a lot about an organisation. Is it held back and filtered?  Treated inappropriately?  Or communicated with transparency and compassion?

Failing to confront unacceptable behaviours/performance etc.

When no one confronts the things that need to be confronted they grow in strength.

Inaccessibility and unavailability 

When the leadership is unavailable, it serves to make everyone distrust, discouraged and disappointed.


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