The 6 key elements that determine business success (or failure)

1. The inspiring leadership and communication skills required to ignite a passion and urgency to make critical changes stick are missing

How can leaders lead if they don’t know where they’re going themselves … and how can followers follow?
2. Executing strategies well

Most companies think they do this well … THEY DON’T!
3. Clarity is crucial to executing strategies

We asked 30 senior leaders in a business about this … and only two had anything like the right level of clarity. We find this to be the norm.
4. Simple and effective alignment strategies are needed

Most organisations don’t have any in place.
5. Without the above, the speed of decision-making and adaptability required cannot be embedded

Most businesses know this is an issue, but don’t know why – so increasingly the centre makes decisions.
6. The focus is on compliance, not customer needs or developing staff capabilities

No comment required.
Are these familiar to you?

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