The characteristics of terrific employees (part 2)

They never (publicly) complain. The ability to complain privately or bring up a complaint in a positive and professional way that provides a path to a solution is one very important top employee trait. These are the kinds of employees who discuss delicate issues in a professional and private manner.   They know when to […]

Are you a terrible manager?

It has always amazed us how many terrible managers there are in the workplace. This isn’t something new; it’s been this way for as long as we can remember. Sadly, these ineffective managers rarely get identified in a timely manner by senior management. This means terrible managers don’t get properly trained, or removed. The consequence is […]

So what’s it like on Jupiter?

A gold medal winning Olympic athlete is going to do poorly competing in the high jump on Jupiter. The reason? Gravity is two and a half times that of Earth’s which means … you’re just not going to jump very well. Contrast this to our moon, which gives you a huge advantage … because you’d […]