The characteristics of terrific employees (part 2)

  1. They never (publicly) complain. The ability to complain privately or bring up a complaint in a positive and professional way that provides a path to a solution is one very important top employee trait. These are the kinds of employees who discuss delicate issues in a professional and private manner.


  1. They know when to “rein back”. While overt quirkiness and enthusiasm can often be highly coveted, the employees who know when to turn it on and off are always going to stand out. In the face of a challenge or stressful situation, an employee should know how to get down to business and move past their own preferences to be an integral member of the team.


  1. They set their own standards. Ace employees aren’t average — they set a new standard for employee attitude and aptitude. They break records with ease and their performance likely gives way to a new way of doing things in the workplace.


  1. They’re trustworthy. These aren’t the team members engaged in office gossip. Top employees have honest hearts and work hard to build trust with everyone around them by giving their best at all times


  1. They have a good sense of humour. The stress and variety of emotions experienced on the job is usually easier to cope with with a keen sense of humour. Those top employees who are able to stay level and have an adult laugh now and again are going to be able to stay on top.


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