Overcoming your team’s resistance to change

Getting your teams to willingly adapt to change in any organisation is hard. Leaders often assume that people will just change just because they say so.  The one quality that people in any team want their leaders to demonstrate in times of change is a ‘genuine care for them and their team matters’, no matter how bad … Continue reading

Will your teams lift off your business in 2022?

After the last few years of keeping our heads above water in these difficult and stressful times, organisations across all industries have resigned themselves to just ‘grinding out’ decent results in such a challenging environment.  Key players and key teams in companies have become ‘battle weary’ from putting in their best efforts to achieve their … Continue reading

What great teams do … that make them great

The theme for our blog in September is Developing Winning Teams ….. So, what is it that individuals in a great team do that makes the difference? How do they out-perform other teams on a consistent basis and achieve spectacular results? We know it’s a combination of many factors, including self-belief, discipline, motivation, determination, attitude … Continue reading