Overcoming your team’s resistance to change

Getting your teams to willingly adapt to change in any organisation is hard. Leaders often assume that people will just change just because they say so.  The one quality that people in any team want their leaders to demonstrate in times of change is a ‘genuine care for them and their team matters’, no matter how bad the situation, even redundancy.

Amazing, isn’t it? Aren’t people wonderful?

So for their true change to happen, in any team, department and organisation, three components of a person’s mind need to make a shift:

  1. their emotions,
  2. their thoughts, and
  3. their behaviours.

While these three shifts come from within, they need to be addressed from the outside (i.e. from the leaders)

  1. Change is often heavily emotional
  2. Change involves a mental shift
  3. Change requires adaptation to comfortable behaviours and automatic habits

Leaders need to develop a brilliant, inspiring and compelling reason for change (or a change story) for people – and teams – to fully buy into it.

  1. Why are we doing this?
  2. Why are we doing it now?
  3. Why are we doing it in this particular way?


Our 57 years of experience shows that most companies NEVER address these effectively enough – or they don’t address them at all!

The result: people, and teams, don’t buy into what you’re trying to do, change never takes root … the organisation doesn’t change attitudes and performance … results don’t improve.

The new culture is, “Change doesn’t work here!”

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