Sports people train with coaches their entire career to achieve outstanding performance. Why wouldn’t we in business?

Sports people train with coaches their entire career to achieve outstanding performance.

So, why wouldn’t we in business?

What puts many of us off is that we’re not really sure what effective coaching is, what it looks like, or even what’s involved. We’re even a little vague about the benefits.

Add to that choosing the right business coach is important and, whoever we choose to work with, it is important that we feel comfortable and confident that the investment will enable us to successfully achieve our goals.

But before we do any of that, before we select our coach, we need to stop to consider why we should invest in coaching in the first place.


There are some tell tale signs that you may need a business coach … click here for five of them


According to our clients we, at Sewells, deliver the finest, most impactful business transformation programmes in the world.  More than that we understand that, to maximise the transfer of learning into the workplace (and on to the bottom line), it needs to be supported properly.


Because no two people are exactly the same; their needs are different, as are their capabilities.  An effective coach can help anyone apply what they’ve learned in a way that will make it most effective for the business.

For the same reasons as the athlete who is already acknowledged as the best in their field wouldn’t consider not using a coach, in business coaching should also be a “no brainer”.

Here are some of the reasons why:-


  • It will shorten the learning curve  There’s no doubt that we are smart enough to work out what we need to do to be more effective in our leadership role. The problem is time.  We don’t have an unlimited amount of it. We need to be able to get results with our people as quickly as we can; and that’s where a coach can be most effective, holding us accountable.
  •  We avoid making mistakes that we might otherwise make  We find out what not to do by floating ideas past a coach who can act as built-in “accountability partner” who constantly reminds us what we’re working towards. It’s all too easy to make promises to ourselves and then break them because we don’t feel like it, or it’s too hard.
  • We make better, more empowered decisions Business coaching helps us gain clarity and develop plans to minimise distractions and focus only on actions that align with the business mission, vision, value, and goals.


So, if you want growth, sustainable growth – to keep the sporting metaphor going the kind that keeps you beating your own personal best – you need to contact Sewells…before your competitors do.

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