Don’t let fear kill your sales!

Recently, we came across an interesting anecdote about the art of doing business. We think it’s a perfect example of how NOT to sell that is sometimes, and all too often, easily overlooked.

A new salesman had just made his first sale. Elated with his success, his manager stepped in with: “Great work! What did the customer say no to?” Baffled by this question, the new salesman responded, “He didn’t say no to anything!” His manager then said: “If he didn’t say ‘No’, then how do we know he didn’t need anything else?”

In business, it’s very easy to project onto your customers in order to give your service a personal, more human touch – most think “Treat others how you would want to be treated”. This statement rings true for customer service, but when it comes to sales, it’s often necessary to push boundaries and take your personal views and thoughts out of the equation, if only for the moment. Why is this?

If you’re having an ‘off’ day, success-limiting thoughts and beliefs are usually in place to protect us from a fear of rejection and work avoidance. After all, having to develop new products and processes to meet customers’ needs creates new challenges in product design, product knowledge and sales processes.

The new salesman from the story above? He didn’t keep selling until the customer said “No” because he was afraid of rejection and killing the whole sale. This does not bode well for any business.

If you do recognise limiting beliefs creeping in, let us remind you of a very apt quote from Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd President of the United States: “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.”

Once you and your team are able to recognise these thoughts and fears before they affect your business targets, the results will be exciting, profitable, and enable your expansion! We at Sewells have seen it happen time and time again.

If you are seeking to open your team’s and your own mind to an outcome beyond the scope of what is believed to be possible, give us a call on 01244 681068. We’d love to speak more with you!

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