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We’ve just completed reviews with some of our clients on the culture change/business development work we delivered for them in 2015. The positive impact has been game changing for them all.

Results Achieved:

  • As a result of our work with an organisation in the global automotive sector had seen gross profit up by 17%
  • Another organisation had seen a 36.5% increase in hours and parts sold and significant increases in customer loyalty, repeat business, referrals and recommendations (e.g. 1.8 referrals for every car delivered).
  • One organisation had seen themselves move from the bottom 10% of a customer satisfaction survey(in a league of 200) to top three in a  6 month period
  • An organisations profits overall are up by 76%
  • Staff turnover reduced by 46%  –  it saved us at least £1 million

Client Testimonials:

  • “The feedback from the diagnostic interviews was AM-A-ZING! How can our people think and see things the way they do after all the communication we’ve done? It opened our eyes to the real challenges we face in growing the business – the biggest barriers are in our own people’s beliefs, mindsets and attitudes.”
  • “You’ve shown us how to encourage and motivate our staff in ways we’d never previously been exposed to.”
  • “The management team (including team leaders) now all know how to change people’s behaviours –  this has positively changed performance and results beyond what we thought was possible”.
  • “All our meetings are now brilliantly positive – and people leave them enthusiastic about doing things differently (they used to be “they mainly use to be another b**ll*cking mainly”.
  • “The barriers between departments and teams have come down! The “one team” spirit and work ethic has dramatically increased efficiency and productivity”.
  • “The biggest impact was the realisation that this business is all about the people in it! All our managers now know how to make their people feel valued, appreciated and recognised for their efforts. It’s not cost us a penny, and the performance improvements have gone off the Richter Scale.
  • “The skills we learned were really simple to apply, not necessarily easy, but simple –  with a little practice and encouragement from each other – we mastered the techniques and transformed the culture, the working environment, team spirit and customer focus”.

The results our clients achieved are breath-taking. If you want to achieve similar results contact us now for a no obligation chat. Call us on 01244 681 068 or email …you’ll be really glad you did.

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