Dr Will Holden will take to the stage at AM and IMI People Conference

Taking to the stage at this year’s AM People Conference, hosted in partnership with the Institute of the Motor Industry (IMI), Dr Will Holden will deliver a lesson in creating a culture which fosters high performing, inspirational and unstoppable team players on the 19th September 2017 at Whittlebury Hall and Spa, Whittlebury, Near Towcester, Northamptonshire, NN12 8QH.

The conference helps automotive executives strip away some of the misconceptions of working in the industry and encourages retailers and manufacturers to think outside the box when attracting and retaining the best employees.

Practically every company has its own core values and vision encompassed in a craftily written mission statement, but turning those into behaviours which deliver results often poses a stumbling block to success, according to Holden.

Will says: “Every organisation which has a minimum of three people has a culture … it may not be defined, but it exists. The culture may not be a good one; it could be one that’s tough and masochistic, toxic, or complacent, but every organisation wants to develop a culture that’s high performing. There are ways and means to make that journey and it includes turning a company’s vision and values into actual behaviours, leading to improved business performance and results.

“Lots of organisations send their senior management team away to a swanky hotel to devise or fine-tune their vision and values. On return to their businesses, they put posters on the wall, which achieves nothing. Vision and values have to be translated into day to day standards of behaviour if they are to be turned into a reality.”

Are you ready to drive business improvement into your organisation’s DNA? There are a number of tickets still available to dealers and manufacturers within the automotive industry.

Sewells has 53 years of experience of driving positive change within the motor industry. Working in a spirit of true partnership with one manufacturer, after 4 flat years it achieved a record number of new units sold in 2015, up 14% … with no new product launches … with an even better result in 2016 … and 2017 looks like it’ll be another record year.

Other results include a 36.5% increase in hours and parts sold and significant increases in customer loyalty, repeat business, referrals and recommendations. Sewells do this by igniting a passion around your “vision” and strategies though deep rooted, sustainable culture change. This enables your teams to perform day in, day out like never before…

So, if you are on a journey of taking business to new level of achievement and you want to guarantee success … it may be a good idea for you to join us at the People Conference … or simply contact us to discuss how we can help.

We would love to see you there/hear from you!

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