The Signs That It’s Time for an Upgrade to your Culture

Every organisation with more than 3 people in it has a culture…and studies show that the culture is the most important factor in its success – or otherwise.

All companies need to go through change. All great leaders have to learn how to lead and deliver change in order to remain competitive and relevant in their given fields.

They also know that the positive aspects of the company culture can be the most powerful tool for navigating the murky waters of successful and sustainable business change.

In many companies, however, culture can become an afterthought and take a back seat to initiatives with a supposedly more visible impact on the P&L.

After the economy took a nose dive in 2008, many of the companies that were fighting to survive weren’t focused on the intangible foundational elements that make companies great like culture, purpose, vision, values and standards of behaviour. They were focused on paying the salaries and trying to rebuild customer trust and loyalty and shareholder value.

Great leaders and those of us who have made all these mistakes in the past know that culture has a direct impact on efficiency, team spirit and profitability. When the company culture aligns well with the purpose and vision, measurable financial returns are realised. But close attention must be paid to building, protecting and improving that culture. It must be by design.

When you can firstly identify, and then secondly root out, the elements of the culture and work diligently to improve them, you’ll be able to produce some ground breaking performance improvements and build a terrific workplace.

There are always tell-tale signs  that you need to upgrade your company culture.

How many are relevant to your organisation?

Improving the culture isn’t a “nice to do”, soft side, management strategy. It lies at the heart of hard-driving business improvement and it is imperative for driving great financial results.

While it does have to start at the top, improving a company culture has to involve every single member of the team. Buy-in is crucial. The good news is that nobody wants to work in an environment where the culture is poisonous or toxic – or where it just sucks.

If you’re serious about sustainable business improvement, you need to talk to the UK’s leading culture change specialists now!

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