Master the Fundamentals: Develop the right people in the right way

You’ll probably know that middle managers, supervisors and team leaders have a bigger impact on productivity and improving performance than top management.

But … you wouldn’t think so if you look at the way they’re treated. In fact, they don’t get much support at all … not even training.

When they got promoted, they were probably a good, individual contributor one day and a team leader, supervisor or manager the next, with no training or preparation for their new role. They almost certainly didn’t get any training in essential supervisory or leadership skills.

Any training or development is usually spent on how to fill out forms or input data and how to follow the policy manuals. They don’t get shown how to;-

  • Communicate effectively
  • Motivate brilliantly
  • Drive change and improvements continuously
  • Build trust and belief through building a terrific team spirit
  • Performance manage properly
  • Overcome resistance to new ways of working etc …

How can a middle manager, supervisor or team leader be driving up results if they don’t know how to “Master the Fundamentals”?.

Recent improvements for our clients through our “Master the Fundamentals” programmes include:-

  • As a result of our work with one organisation, they had seen their best sales and profit results for 22 years – with no new products coming to market
  • Another organisation has seen sales up by 27% this YTD … on top of a record year in 2015
  • Finally, after working with another organisation we had helped them increase productivity by 68%

It may be helpful if you were to invite us in for a meeting where we can share with you all the priceless insights we’ve gained on how to get middle managers, supervisors and team leaders to galvanise and energise their teams to perform way beyond current levels.

We’ll come to you, no obligation and it’ll be the most powerful and profitable 90 minutes you’ve had in years!

Call us on 01244 681 068 or email … you’ll be really glad you did.

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