Let’s help you through this and come out of it stronger (part two)

“People are much more resilient than they (or we) think”
(Resilience being defined as “an individual’s ability to journey through adversity without suffering debilitating or destructive effects”)

As the news begins to focus on the easing of the lockdown procedures, as business leaders we need to start thinking about what our people may need to maximise the positive impact of, firstly, the recovery … and, eventually, the renewal.

The real threat of this global pandemic can’t be underestimated – on all kinds of levels – but especially on the individuals in the team.  Heightened levels of anxiety prevail about our individual vulnerability (health, safety, job security, financial stability etc.) and collective vulnerability (elderly parents/grandparents, teaching the kids at home, working from home, what’s the future going to bring?, etc).

The most important thing for individuals currently is for us to understand how resilient we are, and can be.

Human beings are INCREDIBLY resilient, in fact deep and lasting resilience is our default mode – it always has been – and always will be. That’s why we’re the most successful species that’s ever lived!

So, organisations need to develop a “launch pad for resilience” for everyone returning to work when this crisis eases. Without this, the road to recovery for all organisations – and the people in them – could be a very bumpy one.

Why is this important? 
Early research results indicate that fewer than 25% of individuals have high resilience levels at the moment – and is it any wonder after what we’ve all been through?!

As leaders, re-opening our businesses or getting them back up to speed is going to be a challenge. Our aim should be not only to bounce back but also to bounce forwards.

Without addressing the resilience issue, many of our people may not bounce back at all!  They could be stuck in spirals of negativity, recrimination, fear, guilt anger, grief, blame, self-doubt etc.

We need to do all we can to help them build their resilience in order to play their full part in “the comeback” because we all “want the comeback to be bigger than the set back”

Highly resilient people in your teams will make it happen – and it’ll give people a renewed sense of meaning, purpose and pride! It’s a win-win.

We have developed some tried and tested resilience evaluation forms. They’re easy to complete. So, when the time is right for you please contact us and we’ll recommend the most appropriate one for your circumstances – and there’s no charge whatsoever.

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