“Leading Positive Change” – Step 3

Following the even bigger response to the “Leading Positive Change” Step 2 Inspirational Email over Step 1 (click here for Steps 1 & 2) this week’s message covers Step 3 for Senior Managers and Directors to follow.

The “vision” is 100% bought into by everyone in the Senior Team … the ability to challenge and change contrary attitudes and behaviours is well established  –  now we need an increase in momentum.

All senior leaders need to know your “change story” :-

  • Why are we doing this?
  • Why are we doing it now?
  • Why are we doing it in this way?

Every single member of the Senior Team needs to be able to communicate the above to anyone in the team to get them to “get it” (i.e. they know the “future desired state” is to be delivered when the “vision” is a reality  –  what it looks and feels like … and to be excited and enthused by it).

There then needs to be a clear commitment from everyone in the Senior Team to help all team members  –  at all levels  –  through the change. This means understanding their fears and anxieties from a psychological point of view (i.e. dealing with new processes, systems or ways of doing things).

This is a critical role for Senior Leaders to master … because there can be no successful change without the team members being fully on board, aligned and engaged.

If your Senior Team has mastered Step 3, congratulations … they are fully on board, aligned and engaged. If you’re not sure how to do this, you need to contact us on 01244 681068 or email us at tellmemore@sewells.com.

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