Leaders in business … Where are they?

We, at Sewells, have known the following for some time … its devastatingly negative impact on the culture, performance and results of businesses has hit home with us recently.

As we begin our working lives, if we are good at our job we get promoted.

If we are very good at our job we may even get promoted to become responsible for people who do the job/jobs we used to do.

However, most companies never train or develop us on how to manage or lead people!

That’s why companies are full of “subject experts”. These are the so called “managers” who know how to do the work better than the people in their team whose job it is to do it.  The result is they just tell their people how they should do things leaving the people doing the work feeling pretty useless and inadequate!

They remain as “subject experts” for years (if not forever).  The fact is they’re pretty poor so called “managers” and they’re terrible “leaders”.

Why??  Because no one taught them the number one principle of management and leadership …

When we get promoted to a position of leadership, we are no longer responsible for doing the job, we are now responsible for the people who do the job

When that management / leadership principle is understood, and mastered, everybody involved wins: you, your employees, your customers, your shareholders etc.,…

Mastering being a manager / leader is very hard work!  Not the hard work of doing the job … it’s the hard work of letting go, coaching people, training and mentoring them, trusting them.

And, the biggest challenge of all … getting  your employees to trust and believe in you!

The latest research shows that trust levels in the so called “managers” and “leaders” in organisations is at an all-time low … as low as 17% in certain demographic groups.

So, here’s some real, practical help for you …

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