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When we begin our careers, we’re often very ineffective as leaders.

The big problem quite often is wanting to please everybody.  Making people happy and getting them to like us, as bosses, is the most important thing to so many of us.

The bottom line is that, in our early years, we lack the confidence and courage to make the right decisions simply because we know they’ll be unpopular.

So how do we turn things around …?

Well, having collectively learned the hard way here at Sewells – our experience and ability to impart the knowledge we have gathered means you don’t have to!

We have distilled and condensed all that we’ve learned (and are still learning) over a long period of time so that you can immediately apply the many years’ experience of other highly successful business leaders – without experiencing their start-up pain and making their mistakes!

The many valuable lessons we’ve learned underpin our world-renowned Leadership Development Programmes that transform performance in organisations.


Being a courageous, inspired and effective leader simply means that you’ve developed:-


  1. Convictions that are stronger than your fears
  2. Vision that is clearer than your doubts
  3. Sensitivity around what’s right and wrong that is louder than popular opinion
  4. Self-esteem deeper than self-protection
  5. Appreciation of discipline that is greater than your desire for leisure
  6. Dissatisfaction that is more forceful than the status quo
  7. Poise that is more unshakable than panic
  8. Risk-taking that is more steadfast than keeping “safe”
  9. Actions more robust than any kind of rationalisation
  10. A desire to see potential reached rather than to see people pleased


Developing terrific leadership skills will allow you to take control and win all your people’s hearts and minds to the cause … and achieve breath-taking improvements in performance and results.

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