How the best businesses differ from the rest

With nearly fifty years of experience in helping businesses transform performance and bottom-line results, we, at Sewells, have learned a thing or two.

We’ve learned what the key element is that contributes most to a combination of growth, profitability and sustainability.

That key element has nothing to do with the business model, products, strategies, systems or processes – but it’s what makes a company tick, go ballistic, or go to the wall.

What is it?

It’s the strength of the leadership team, plain and simple!

We know there are two key factors that separate the best from the rest:

  1. The ability of the leadership team to define a clear vision for the company. This subsequently needs to be articulated in a way that everyone in the organisation connects with and is motivated by.
  2. The willingness of the leadership team to stand shoulder to shoulder with each other to support everyone on delivering the critical strategies in the business. No hidden agendas, no politics. People aren’t stupid – they know if there’s unrest and disharmony in the leadership team, and they go in the direction the leaders are walking, not pointing

Crack this… and the results you want and need will come.


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