Don’t let your fears paralyse you

In life, we all have to deal with fear in one form or another. Some of the most successful people in the world have had to do so.

For example:

  • Julius Caesar conquered the world – but he was terrified of thunder
  • Peter the Great of Russia cried like a child when he had to cross bridges
  • Dr Samuel Johnson, the great British writer, wouldn’t enter a room left foot first.  If he accidentally did, he backed up and re-entered with his right one first

Courage is not the ABSENCE of fear… it’s the overcoming of it!  It’s only when you understand that, that you make progress

If you let it control you, fear will paralyse you. Fear breeds inaction, inaction breeds lack of learning and experience, which, in  turn breeds ignorance – and ignorance breeds fear!  It’s a vicious cycle.  So, what do you fear?  That you’re not good enough?  That you’ll lose your job?  That you’ll eat and / or drink yourself to death?  Or do you fear all the changes we have to deal with?

Well, fear not!  WHY?

There’s no power, force or set of circumstances on the outside of us, which is greater than the  power, force and set of resources available on the inside of us

Our world-renowned  “Working Miracles … with Performance™”   workshop will introduce you to … the real, unlimited, unstoppable you.  The principles covered in the workshop will help you overcome all your fears by:

  • Helping you understand what you’re capable of achieving
  • Enabling you to release your untapped potential, yes ALL of it
  • Inspiring you to believe in yourself – and that YOU can quite simply make the necessary changes … and make them stick!
  • Motivating you to be able to improve any aspect of your performance in life … personally and professionally

We’re offering TWO FREE PLACES on our next “Working Miracles … with Performance™” workshop * – all you need do is contact us now and we’ll enter your name into our prize draw.  That’s it!

Delegates who’ve attended the workshop in the past have given some amazing feedback:-

“Once or twice in a lifetime, if we’re lucky, we have an experience that causes a seismic shift in our professional and personal life.  Sewells is such an experience…a true inspiration…a revelation.”


“Working Miracles” really has changed the way I feel about myself, and that has positively transformed every aspect of my life.”

So, why not enter our prize draw to be in with a chance of winning these TWO FREE PLACES on our next “Working Miracles … with Performance™” workshop* … and let 2019 be the year you leave your fear behind!

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* April 2019 – the prize draw is now closed

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