Change is the constant … speed is the variable

“How many times do we have to explain why this change and improvement is necessary?  Everyone tells me they understand … but as soon as my back is turned, they continue like nothing has happened!”   It is really worrying how many organisations we’ve met within recent months who are struggling to get business critical changes … Continue reading

What drives a positive culture in an organisation?

Let us first tell you what doesn’t … pay and rations, “bean bag” relaxation rooms, dress down days, “homemade cake eating” Fridays, etc. … Culture is not to be trifled with (no pun intended!) … it’s the key to hard driving and much needed, if not critical, sustainable business improvement. Culture is the single biggest … Continue reading

A gift for you for 2020: 10 tips for creating world class customer experience

We’re not “telling tales” out of school here when we say 66% of UK consumers believe the customer experience has deteriorated over the past three years and 81% of customers would be willing to pay more in order to receive good, or great, customer experiences.   As 2020 fast approaches can you confidently say you … Continue reading

Culture change is hard … lasting culture change is really hard

Almost everyone we speak to these days understands that changing a company’s culture will improve performance and transform results more significantly (and quickly) than almost any other form of action. Many companies therefore attempt to change their culture … but most fail (81% according to one recent study). Given the undeniable fact that building a … Continue reading

What is culture and what can it do for you?

The statistics below are specifically for the cynics, who question the importance of workplace culture in driving up measurable improvements in performance and bottom line results.   FACTS: 64% of all employees don’t feel there is a strong workplace culture; 49% of employees are dissatisfied with their direct boss; and ONLY 21% of employees feel … Continue reading

7 signs you have a great culture

It doesn’t matter how much money you make, or what perks come with your job, is it really worth it when you work in a toxic environment that makes you miserable? You may love your role and the industry you’re in, but you also need to make sure you love the company you work for … Continue reading

The seven principles of successful sales

We, at Sewells, have found that the good, highly effective “timeless” selling skills are becoming more and more difficult to find. When salespeople take the tired and outdated approaches in striving to sell successfully, many of the most important aspects of the sales process are neglected, and the desired outcomes (i.e. the sale, making a life … Continue reading