Creating a Culture of “Getting Things Done”

If strategy is identifying how to achieve/exceed objectives, implementation is all about making it happen. It’s the follow through. Implementation is where the treasure lies – and it’s the biggest gap in any business improvement programme. The primary elements of successful companies are: Clear goals for everybody within the company that deliver the general strategy … Continue reading

Is it time to stop flogging a dead horse?

Are you getting the business results you hoped for in 2019?  Are you “future-proofing” your business with the improvements you’re making? The best definition of insanity we’ve ever come across is doing the same old things over and over again, hoping for different results. If what you’re doing to achieve your goals isn’t working, a … Continue reading

Leading, without building trust, will destroy you!

How many so called “leaders” do we know / have we known who:-   Come down on people like a ton of bricks if they don’t keep regular office hours … and then announce they’ll be “working from home for the next two days”? Freeze salaries and make redundancies and then take delivery of a … Continue reading

Leaders are human, too, you know!

Much of the work we do at Sewells in helping businesses improve performance, results, productivity, customer-centricity and team spirit revolves around creating great and inspiring leaders … and leadership teams. There’s a massive focus on leaders in all areas of business these days … and here’s a fact that’s not much talked about … LEADERS, … Continue reading

Things that are a complete “no no!” to successful leaders

Successful leadership is the product of several factors and probably one of the most important traits of great leaders is the standards they uphold.  That means building and maintaining good, positive actions, and drawing a firm and clear line at things that are unacceptable.  Whilst it’s about what they do it’s also about what they’ll never do … Continue reading

Don’t let your fears paralyse you

In life, we all have to deal with fear in one form or another. Some of the most successful people in the world have had to do so. For example: Julius Caesar conquered the world – but he was terrified of thunder Peter the Great of Russia cried like a child when he had to cross bridges … Continue reading

Who’s making the noise in your organisation?

It can  happen so easily in any company where the loudest “noises” come from the people who are criticising and complaining about everything and everyone!  This creates an atmosphere that becomes negative …. and performance,  team spirit and results flat-line at best, or nosedive at worst. The reason for this is that the dominant words used in any organisation … Continue reading

Leaders in business … Where are they?

We, at Sewells, have known the following for some time … its devastatingly negative impact on the culture, performance and results of businesses has hit home with us recently. As we begin our working lives, if we are good at our job we get promoted. If we are very good at our job we may … Continue reading

How to deliver positive and sustainable change in your organisation

We, at Sewells, have championed a truism for quite a while:-   Businesses don’t succeed, people do!   The performance improvements this has helped us to create for our clients (once they understand how to turn this truism into a stunning reality in their organisations) have been ground breaking (e.g. £66m improvement in the bottom … Continue reading