Have you ever tried to do a jigsaw (puzzle) without the lid?

Now that the world is slowly getting back to work, and the new reality is emerging, it’s time to turn our attention in our businesses to how you can capitalise on the new market conditions. You will need a strong and robust launch pad in order to get a jump on the competition and take … Continue reading

What do employees want and need facing, in or coming out of a crisis? (Part One)

We, at Sewells, really admire and respect the surveys conducted by the Gallup organisation – and the insights they provide. Founded in 1935, Gallup has studied the fears, worries, needs and wants of global citizens during almost every major crisis over the past 8 decades: the Great Depression, WW2, JFK’s assassination, 9/11, the 2008 global … Continue reading

Leaders and managers now all need to lead – BRILLIANTLY!

There has never been a time in business when strong and decisive leadership has been required more than it is now. In times of crisis and uncertainty like now, human nature takes one of two directions: Fear and helplessness; or Resilience and engagement The choice of direction taken by individuals is massively affected by the … Continue reading

Being brilliant at motivating others – your key to a strong recovery

As the focus begins to move towards getting businesses – large and small – back to work, two things will really distinguish those who come out of this as winners. 1) The ability to do it safely, with social distancing, etc … 2) The ability for you and your managers to understand, and apply, what motivates … Continue reading

Developing positive attitudes in people is the key to a rapid recovery

The key to any organisation speedily attaining the performance and results it wants to see as the Covid-19 crisis passes, is in its people exhibiting the right behaviours. Behaviours are, very simply, what people are saying and doing. If they’re saying and doing the right things, in the right way, your bounce back will be … Continue reading

You may think you’re prepared … but you’d better be ready

With much of the conversation this last week or so being about when and how the lockdown restrictions will be eased, our focus as business leaders should be on turning resilience into a strong recovery (and eventually renewal). Recent conversations with leaders who’ve had people returning to work have shone a light on something important. … Continue reading

Let’s help you through this and come out of it stronger (part two)

“People are much more resilient than they (or we) think” (Resilience being defined as “an individual’s ability to journey through adversity without suffering debilitating or destructive effects”) As the news begins to focus on the easing of the lockdown procedures, as business leaders we need to start thinking about what our people may need to … Continue reading

“Leading from any chair”

Following on from our help sheet of last week (which you can download again by clicking here), the feedback has been brilliant and you’re definitely hungry for more pragmatic help and support. We, at Sewells, feel the world of work may never quite be the same again – in so many ways. One of the ways … Continue reading

Let’s help you through this and come out of it stronger

“Going through tough times doesn’t give you character … it REVEALS your character … especially your leadership character.”   With the Coronavirus crisis hitting us all harder, deeper – and probably longer – than we hoped it would, as leaders of businesses and teams, we have to demonstrate the “best of the best” when it … Continue reading