Will your teams lift off your business in 2022?

After the last few years of keeping our heads above water in these difficult and stressful times, organisations across all industries have resigned themselves to just ‘grinding out’ decent results in such a challenging environment.  Key players and key teams in companies have become ‘battle weary’ from putting in their best efforts to achieve their … Continue reading

What great teams do … that make them great

The theme for our blog in September is Developing Winning Teams ….. So, what is it that individuals in a great team do that makes the difference? How do they out-perform other teams on a consistent basis and achieve spectacular results? We know it’s a combination of many factors, including self-belief, discipline, motivation, determination, attitude … Continue reading

Moving from a culture of ‘survival’ to one of ‘growth and sustainability’

What is the new ‘formula’ for a high-performance culture? Our clients tell us that our competitors are dumbfounded.  They don’t understand how we managed to produce staggering performance improvements for our clients during the pandemic and even more so now that many of the restrictions are being lifted. These competitors cover similar specialisms as we … Continue reading

Don’t give me any of that “namby-pamby”, “pink and fluffy” culture stuff …

Every organisation with more than three people in it has got a culture. The culture can be anything from positive, constructive and unstoppable to negative, destructive and horrendous. All the work we, at Sewells, have done over the years generally and since the pandemic started in particular shows that, providing the business model works, the … Continue reading

What can be learned from a mouse with big ears?

What can be learned from a mouse with big ears? … quite a lot about business – and how to be successful in tough times. The theme for our weekly inspirational emails in August is ‘Creating Positive Cultures’. At Sewells, we love this story and we felt it was a great way to kick off this … Continue reading

Why alignment is crucial for those who are ‘change leaders’

“How many times do I have to explain to people that these business critical changes are necessary for us? Our people then tell me and their managers they understand, but when we turn our backs they continue like nothing has happened!” Is this situation familiar to you? It’s a real-life example of one of the … Continue reading

The Chance to Know How to Dramatically Improve Your Business – and Get a Good Night’s Sleep – For FREE!!

  Research shows many Senior Executives haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in at least the last 18 months.  You may recognise one or two of the reasons that are giving them these restless nights since the start of the pandemic:- Having problems you don’t want and wanting results you don’t have Looking after the wellbeing … Continue reading

Outstanding Performance is Based on Persistence

Our theme for July is “Enabling Business Critical Change” and we had to share this story with you once again as it sums up change beautifully… In 1938, the year’s number one newsmaker in the USA wasn’t Neville Chamberlain, Franklin D Roosevelt, Hitler, or Mussolini. It wasn’t even a person. It was an undersized, crooked-legged … Continue reading

Grow your sales

In recent meetings with clients for whom we’ve run sales improvement programmes, we were keen to understand what they felt were the key differentiators that made us stand out from the crowd. Three key themes kept coming out time and again.   1) You build on the practical and positive psychology of the sales person … Continue reading