The Art of Leadership

A leader is someone who can take a group of people to a place they themselves don’t think they can go.

At the end of the day, the Art of Leadership is all about giving people the direction they can believe in and showing them the value of playing their full part in making it happen. In other words, it’s about motivating people. This requires action plus emotion plus intelligence, or in other words, it must engage the body, the heart and the mind. True leadership involves engaging people in all three areas in order to achieve breakthrough performance improvements.

The dilemma most organisations face today, is that most managers and supervisors are not leaders not that they can’t be it’s just they’ve never been shown how to be. Over 90 per cent of UK managers have never been exposed to the fundamental principles and practices of leadership. Therefore, the Art of Leadership is not lost it’s never been found in the first place!
You may think you’ve got a programme in place that has Leadership in the title somewhere; just because it’s called Leadership doesn’t mean it is … a leadership programme always delivers performance breakthroughs. If yours doesn’t it’s not effective … end of!

So, does your Leadership Programme:

  • produce performance breakthroughs from the entire team that leads to extraordinary results like you’ve never seen before?
  • capture the hearts and the minds of the managers at every level?
  • create a really supportive coaching environment for the team?
  • build the right ‘positive’, ‘can do’, ‘bring it on’ type culture?
  • grow market share, revenues, profits and customer retention?
  • get your people’s attitudes and mindsets in the right place so that they are open to your change initiatives, strategies, goals and objectives?
  • reduce the workload on managers in order for them to utilise more time in planning and improving  rather than fixing and mending?
  • enable ordinary people to produce extraordinary results?
  • enhance team commitment so they accomplish more?
  • develop clearly defined accountabilities that build confidence?
  • create an environment where people realise their full potential by learning, stretching, contributing and growing … with pride?

If your Leadership programme does ALL the above then great! Can we come and see how you do it please?

If your Leadership Programme doesn’t do ALL the above you may need our help to continually produce and improve the results you need and deserve.

Why not show what a true leader you are and invite us in for an informal chat on how to make your managers Masters in the Art of Leadership in double quick time and, therefore, transform the performance of your business in the critical/vital and key areas?

You’ll be in good company as we’ve worked with some large organisations such as Honda, HBOS, Close Brothers Group, Marks and Spencer, Shell, BT, Rolls Royce (aeroengines) to name a few!

Call us on 01244 681068 and let’s arrange an informal get-together to bounce a few ideas around.

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