Are you looking in the wrong place for business improvements?

Every business we ever speak with is looking for some kind of business improvement  –  or lots of kinds!

When we have discussions with the Board of Directors and/or Senior Leadership Teams we ask where they’ve been looking for the solutions.

The usual answers are system and process improvements, productivity and quality projects and the like.

When we ask them to describe the culture in the business and the leadership styles that drive it … there are usually puzzled looks.

In fact, when working recently with 3 businesses where the senior people have been in place from 18 months to 35 years, NONE of them had ANY leadership training – and the importance of culture wasn’t on their radar screen!

They were incredibly busy, stretched for time and new ideas to improve performance and results; they were struggling to hit objectives and key KPIs! Is it any wonder? THEY WERE SO BUSY MOPPING UP, NOBODY HAD THOUGHT TO GO AND TURN OFF THE TAP!

We’re not going to go into a big diatribe here … but the number 1 way to create game changing improvements in results  –  is through creating a dynamic, “unstoppable” culture with the leadership skills that drive it.

As a leader responsible for producing “outstanding” results … year in, year out … you need to be aware that results are inextricably linked to your culture.

Culture drives EVERYTHING in your organisation, it’s the environment in which your strategies and your brand (and all it stands for) thrive, or die a slow death.

In fact, your results can only be as good as your culture allows them to be, as your culture seeps into the DNA of your people – the ones who produce the performances that drive results!

Culture creates game changing results as it increases accountabilities and responsibilities in all areas of the business as well as turbocharging motivation and team spirit. How can you produce these kinds of results – year in, year out – if your company culture hasn’t captured the “hearts”, “minds” and “beliefs” of its people?

If as a senior figure you’re not “all over this” you’re being pretty irresponsible and ineffective!

Call us today us on 01244 681068 or email us at and you too could achieve similar results …

  • As a result of our work with an organisation in the Manufacturing industry they had seen their closing ratio increase by 130%
  • Another organisation in the engineering organisation had increased profits by £600,000 … after breaking even in previous years
  • Also, after working with an organisation in the Financial Services industry they saw turnover increase from £87M to £148M –  that’s an increase of 58%

… You’ll be really glad you did!

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