This Pandemic Has Clarified The Changes In Leadership Organisations Need

A Gallup survey before the Covid-19 crisis hit showed that 82% of managers are ineffective at leading people. Another Gallop survey found that half of all people who voluntarily left a job did so to get away from a bad manager.

These managers are usually hard working with good intentions, they just don’t have the right level of leadership skills.

The pandemic has shone a harsh light on their leadership shortfalls, and where they need to improve.

This is becoming critically important as we’re all being encouraged to return to work.

We, at Sewells, have a world class approach to turning managers into highly effective leaders. (You don’t get a Net Promoter Score of +90 without doing lots and lots of things very right.)

We also have a genuine passion for giving managers the right support to make the transition simple and effective for everyone involved.

We focus on changing mindsets and attitudes of managers – which then moves on to changing behaviours in a way that improves all the dials on the key performance dashboards.



By making these changes – and making them stick and translating them into changed behaviours and improved performance – organisations will survive this crisis.

This is / could be the turning point for a much needed leadership transformation in your organisation.

Let’s not waste it – contact us now to let us know the best date and how you would like to meet, and how we can contact you.  We’ll do the rest.


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