The “TOSITA” Series – Inspirational Story for Friday 26th February

Following on from our TOSITA (The Other Shot In The Arm) video on Monday – the main focus was that “human beings become on the outside what they think about on the inside” – here is an example of how important it is to make sure we manage our people’s thinking brilliantly.

Before you commit to investing a single penny on your recovery programme post Lockdown 3, you will need to convince yourself (and the Board and the Shareholders) it is being spent in the right areas to give you the biggest and most sustainable BOUNCEBACK.

Before you commit to anything, please consider this:-

In ancient China, the leaders wanted security against the barbaric hordes outside their borders, so they built The Great Wall. Everyone was dragooned into building it.  The first part took 20 years to build and the rest took 200 years to complete!  It was so high, nobody could climb over it and so thick, nobody could break it down.  They all settled back to enjoy their security ….

During the first hundred years of the wall’s existence, China was invaded THREE TIMES! … Not once did the enemy break down the wall, or climb over it. Each time, the enemy used their power of influence over the gatekeepers, who let them in and they marched right through without a problem.

The Chinese leaders were so busy relying on their wall of stone they neglected to get everyone to be thinking in the right way – and believing in the values the whole community stood for.


As we tiptoe out of Lockdown 3 it’s important we make sure everyone’s thinking is aligned.

It’s a personal commitment and a leadership responsibility combined.  You can’t underestimate the importance of “right thinking”.

As one of our clients said after a previous economic downturn:

“Trying to change the way the organisation operates without first changing the way the people were thinking we found to be as futile as it was costly”

Enjoy your weekend focusing on the positive and thinking in the right way, and don’t forget to look out for another video on Monday

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