Budgeting (and Planning) for Success Pt.1

It seems “that time of year” has crept up on us again and the responsibility for formulating and “fine-tuning” budgets is weighing heavily on the shoulders of all Senior Managers and Directors out there.

Some would say planning their 2018 budget, and adhering to it, so it can be easily monitored and maintained, is quite simple … it’s achieving, or exceeding, budgeted objectives that’s the real challenge.

The pressure of leaders constantly having to do ‘more with less’ often means that, in our experience, they sometimes fail to see, and understand, the direct link between how their people think and feel … and how the team performs. Fully understanding an organisation’s purpose and direction enables individuals to give their very best, day in, day out … In fact, one survey cited 83% of British employees, who didn’t have a clear understanding of the company purpose and direction, as being dis-engaged.

Apart from a clear sense of purpose and direction, it seems that the absence of simple courtesy in the workplace is also a key factor, as the same survey showed that less than 1 in 5 employees could recall receiving a verbal “thank you” from their managers in the last 12 months! Yet employees who feel valued and appreciated contribute 2 or 3 times more towards achieving, or exceeding goals and objectives than those who don’t!

If this resonates with you, ask yourself: “is winning the hearts and minds of my people an integral part of my budget for 2018?”

If it is … and, it’s done properly … you will reap the benefits of improved performance and sales, not only in 2018, but for years to come. Quality organisations know that employees who feel valued and appreciated produce outstanding results and also realise that they need to provide their managers and leaders with the necessary tools to create an “unstoppable” culture.

The kind of improvements we’ve helped businesses achieve include:-

  • An organisation within the manufacturing industry approached us, as they were falling short in terms of targets. After finishing their programme with us, their employees helped them exceed their performance targets by 12%!
  • Another organisation in the financial service industry saw sales increase by 35% over previous years.
  • Finally, an organisation in the engineering industry saw sales increase from £800,000 per month to £1,200,000 compared to the previous year.

Changing the way people think and feel is specialist work – work for which we have become world renowned – and, when done effectively, causes seismic shifts in performance and results.

We have the answers … and proven solutions … to the significant challenges that businesses can’t seem to fix on their own. So, before signing off next year’s budget, get your team set for 2018 and beyond by contacting us now.

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