A proper organisational purpose will turbocharge your recovery

If we came into your organisation and asked members of your team the reason they get up for work each morning (either at home or in the office), how many of them would say it was because of their sense of pride and passion in being associated with what you do – and how you do it – and why you do it?

Or, put another way, is it because they deeply connect and align with the purpose of the organisation (i.e. why it exists)?

Does your organisation actually HAVE a purpose?

Of course it does, every organisation does!  But, consider this  ….

Imagine you’d met someone who’d offered you a job but you thought it was just a bit, well, dodgy.  Would you be inspired by them, would you want to work with, or for them, would you want to become associated with them? We think the answer would probably be “no”.

It’s vital, therefore, that your organisation has a proper purpose or reason it exists, and that everyone involved knows what it is, what it means – and they buy into it totally in order to pay their full part in making it happen.

When we ask people what the organisation’s purpose or reason for existing is, the majority say, “To make more money!”

“Making money” is, of course, a key objective of any organisation – but it should be a by-product of your purpose, not the purpose itself.

Contact us to find out how having a proper purpose can help transform your organisation’s performance and results. You’ll be staggered at the improvements in all areas of the organisation the insights from this will allow you to achieve.


“Looking back you asked me what’s the culture like in your organisation? And I replied great! Why would you ask me that question? You then asked me, “How do you know? (and then you repeated it).  The truth is I didn’t know and that was a big defining moment in my life and my career.

The work we did after that was truly inspirational and it changed everything. Our organisation definitely has a purpose.”  MR, CEO, Simply Asset Finance, (formerly CEO, Close Asset Finance) 

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