Your teams can change without growing, but they can’t grow without changing

In business, resisting change is like holding your breath – if you do it for too long you’ll die!

The need to up the pace of business today has never been more important and people and teams in an organisation must evolve and change in order to grow profitable sales, increase market share, stay ahead of the competition and amaze customers with levels of service that will lock them in to you for ever and a day and make up for any shortfalls caused by the effects of the pandemic.

How this is managed by one team in particular – the senior leadership team – is the key to success and often to the organisation’s very survival! When an organisation’s senior leadership team show the classic signs of being dysfunctional, many of the following symptoms appear:


  • Lack of trust – and it shows!  Mixed messages abound. Turf wars are the norm. Individuals briefing against others in the senior team. People hide their mistakes out of fear of being ridiculed and it not feeling ‘safe’ to admit them
  • Fear of conflict – important issues are not discussed or addressed for extended periods.  A ‘false harmony’ exists within the senior team – the reality is there is little or no respect between them – but they pretend there is when everyone knows there isn’t, so it definitely shows!
  • Lack of commitment – they don’t really care about the organisation, the staff or the customers – and it shows. Lip service is paid to the living, eating and breathing the company’s vision and values = and it shows!
  • Avoidance of accountability – and any real responsibility to put things right when they go wrong (or put things into place to enable positive changes). Coming up with excuses and someone or something to blame is what they do – and it shows!
  • Inattention to results – their focus is on personal successes. Status and ego are more important than their people’s and team’s successes – and it shows!


Do the above sound familiar? Of course they do!

If this resonates with you, for sustainable success in the future, it sounds like you need to deal with the CAUSES of the above…and not just continue to tinker with finding solutions to the symptoms (i.e. ‘painting over the rust’ as we, in Sewells, call it)

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Good luck!


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