What the Olympic failures can teach us about business

The Olympics is a time-honoured tradition and hosting the Olympic Games is a prestigious honour that captures the attention of the world!

And as we eagerly await for Rio 2016 to “kick off” … upon reflection there’s something truly magical that happens during the Olympics.

While many of us are enjoying cheering for our country the real magic of the Olympics is way bigger than any individual athlete or even any country.

Discover some of the most important elements and lessons the Olympics can teach us about business

1. Excellence

The Olympics, as much as any other sporting event, is all about excellence.

The intense training, incredible competition and extraordinary pressure of having to focus a lifetime’s worth of experience into one single performance, as well as create an authentic sense of drama that is unique and exciting, albeit nerve-wracking, cannot be under-estimated.

Every athlete has made a commitment to achieve excellence. Does every leader in your organisation inspire people in a way that gives them the confidence, heart, grit, determination and levels of commitment that makes them “unstoppable”? This results in employees unlocking their unlimited potential and directing it with stunning focus … meaning targets get exceeded.

 2. Passion

The Olympics are filled with passion  –  from the athletes, the host city, and the fans  –   in person and around the world.

The emotions experienced and expressed during the Olympics, as we will see, are intense and passionate.

In Rio, we’re sure to see the “thrill of victory” and the “agony of defeat” on display each and every day. It’s this passion that makes the Olympics so intriguing and such an exciting experience.

The passion in your people –  more often than not  –  needs to be awakened and then aligned in order to truly motivate them to completely engage with your vision.

Does every leader in your organization accept accountability, and responsibility, become brilliant problem solvers (proactively, not reactively) and ignite a passion in their teams to perform day in, day out, like never before?

By channeling and directing all your people’s untapped energy and creativity towards turning your vision into a stunning and vibrant reality, the results that will be produced will astound your customers, your shareholders… and even you!

       3. Unity

The Olympics, not unlike many aspects of your own role as a leader, are played at a pretty high level and are done so with fairly high stakes.

The athletes at the Olympics come together to represent their countries and to compete for something bigger than themselves.

And although in the Olympics there is a big focus, especially by the media, on individual performances as well as national competition at the deepest level, the Olympics are about a greater sense of unity amongst all nations.

Open and transparent communication exists across all levels and departments of the business. Employees who are happy and united behind your “vision” will want to catapult you to success, delivering top notch results and creating happy and loyal customers who will regularly refer others to you.

Contact us today for a private and confidential discussion about how to get the best out of your people  –  day in, day out and you too could achieve Olympian levels of performance.

Just look at the results this produces when done properly  …

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