The key to thriving in the recession

When people haven’t got money to spend or stop spending the money they do have (and everything points to this happening), the only way to survive – and, indeed, THRIVE – is to make sure you’ve got outstanding inspirational leaders at all levels of the organisation.

This is what recession proofing and future proofing your business should be all about.

Outstanding inspirational leaders who can fully engage people to leave no potential unfulfilled in sales, marketing, operations, finance, administration, customer loyalty etc, …is what you need to THRIVE.  And our world class track record suggests we can help you produce this in double-quick time.

How Sewells will help

We are positive people and always convey positive messages and we’ve been around long enough to know what’s needed to THRIVE in recessions.

Let’s help you achieve results like these: –


  • As a result of our work with an organisation in the manufacturing industry, they saw their productivity increase by 158% in 18 months
  • Another organisation, this time in the engineering industry, increased profits by £1.2M … after breaking even in previous years
  • After working with an organisation in financial services their turnover increased from £148M to £352M over a two-year period


There is, however, a negative message that needs to be conveyed; each and every day that goes by without you getting your managers to become brilliant leaders, you’re playing Russian roulette with the future of your organisation.

Call us now to discuss how we can transform performance. We’ll show you how to stop your good managers being poor leaders …and then show you how to get them to become so inspirational that you’ll not only THRIVE through the ‘bumpy’ times, but you’ll also put clear blue water between you and your competitors before the good times return.

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