Managing change in today’s organisations is not getting any easier (part 2)

Last week we talked about how the need for companies to manage change quickly and successfully is now a core competence that as many as 80% of companies fail to do successfully.  If you want to review what we sent you last week click here.


It’s revealing – and frankly concerning – that the failure percentage is as high as it is.  And we’re sure that you’ll be just as interested as us to learn why it is that as many as 75% of change initiatives fail to meet their objectives …


… The answer?  It’s because too many companies fail to consider properly what the key barriers to successful change actually are.  They gallop ahead and implement change without it properly being thought through.


And too many leaders fail to recognise the important part their people play in successful change.


A recent survey found that of the top ten key barriers to change, people factors accounted for four out of the top five.


Changing the mind-set and attitude of their teams was far and away the top reason… getting the “soft” stuff right is harder it turns out, than getting the traditional “hard” stuff, such as resources and technology, correctly aligned.


What was once considered the unimportant “soft and fuzzy” aspect of organisational life is, actually, what makes or breaks change projects.


If more leaders and senior managers remembered that it’s their people who matter the most, then the odds of their company moving from the 80% who fail to manage change to the 20% who succeed, shorten markedly.


It’s knowledge that what we, at Sewells, have spent the last 50 years imparting to our clients.  We have developed tried and tested methodologies specifically to help companies large or small identify the changes which are needed and then, using our bespoke methods, we create programmes to embed these changes.


We understand that it’s your people who matter the most when it comes to successful change implementation.  Our clients have experienced fantastic results following our methodologies and if you’d like to join the 20% gang simply contact us today on 01244 681 068 or email for a “no obligation” chat with one of our capable team … you’ll be really glad you did.

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