How would you describe your team?

Have you got a dynamic, energised, human-centric workplace driven by a positive winning team? (or, is it more like one more suited to a mind-numbing robotic one?)

The practice known as “scientific management” has a lot to answer for. The term was coined 111 years ago, back in 1911, and was based on finding “the one right way” to do things in the workplace.

“Scientific management” incorporated principles that defined the twentieth century workplace: –

  • Work was planned by the people who would not actually be doing it.
  • The arrangement between management and workers was that management planned and workers worked following the plan.
  • There was a single best way to do any task, and that way was the most efficient way. It was discovered by analysis carried out by managers, engineers, accountants or, other professionals. The analysis involved breaking up each task into smaller components.
  • The smaller components could be done robotically


These principles worked OK for most of the last century where “winning teams” weren’t even on the radar … now things have REALLY changed!

Today’s workers want to innovate

Recent research shows that today’s workers are smart and knowledgeable and what it’s finding is that they know more about what they do and what works best than any manager.

Part of developing a winning team is about today’s workers wanting to innovate and make decisions. They want to be involved, play their part and grow as a team. But managers, who know very little about what works and what doesn’t, won’t let them.

“Employee engagement” and “new normal” are the buzz words from the Board, dis-engagement” and old normal are the workplace practices.


Planning giving way to agility

With the competitive marketplace (both from a customer point of view as well as hiring key workers) which is moving faster than ever, more and more planning needs to increasingly give way and take a back seat to agility.

The workplace today cannot operate effectively as a “well-oiled machine”. It needs to be viewed as an intelligent, organic, living being. The workplaces that operate as mechanical systems, that never change, will soon be gone and replaced by ones that operate as living systems that adapt.

This is especially true of hybrid-working where people want to feel comfortable when they come into the workplace, they want it to feel a bit “homely” they want to look forward to spending time collaborating with other members of their winning team and not feeling like they are on their own acting robotically in a factory!


New management mindsets

To develop a winning team, a new management mindset is required, new human-centred management practices and techniques are taking over so that the team feels trusted, have a purpose, effective and allowed to make those decisions in order to positively move the business forward.

Does any of the above resonate with you, or perhaps you don’t know, and you’d like to find out how your team feels?


Employee Engagement Surveys

Our customers tell us the Diagnostics, Employee Engagement and Pulse Surveys we are running for them are giving them the true picture of how their teams truly feel about things. The results from the surveys have allowed our customers to know what things to put right and make the all-important improvements they need to in order to create that winning team mentality throughout the organisation.


Results Achieved

  • Employee Engagement Increased from 75% to 92% in 12 months
  • Productivity increased by 164% in just 18 months by having the right team in place


If the time is now right for you to change and you want to know more about how you develop a winning team and the employee engagement and pulse surveys … then call our winning team on 01244 681068 to arrange a time for us to meet and explain how we may be able to help you evolve … and thrive!


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