Culture Eats Strategy For Breakfast – especially as we come out of lockdown

The key to success is when companies have consciously and deliberately landed the kind of deep-rooted culture change that always provides significant improvements in performance and results.

With the rapid pace of change happening around us right now – whether that’s gearing up after lockdown, managing our teams remotely, working with suppliers and customers differently, or the impact of  Brexit, etc – organisations often fail to understand that culture is the key driver to improving all the key performance indicators.

Several studies around change management initiatives cite the inability to manage, or shape, the organisation’s culture as a key reason for the lack of success. In other words, failure to change the organisation’s culture sabotaged the other kinds of organisational change initiatives – systems, processes, procedures, new products, etc …

Culture is, effectively, the way things are done in the organisation, which in turn is influenced by self-sustaining patterns of behaving, feeling, thinking and believing. If Organisational Capabilities are the core engine that drives strategy, or value creation, Culture is the engine oil that ensures the smooth running.


Culture eats Strategy for Breakfast


We’re sharing this with you again as we feel it’s a really powerful and fitting message for now.

Considering you might well have two cultures forming at the moment: the ‘working from home’ culture and the ‘working in the office’ culture (giving even more reason to get the positive culture absolutely right!), knowing how to focus on building a culture that supports strategy implementation will give you real and sustainable growth momentum.

You’ll need to give your people a deeper, more robust reason to care about your customers, their colleagues, and how to do the right things – in a way that will leave your competitors standing.

As you lead the organisation after this storm find out the secrets of what brings you together as a company – and maximises the pride and the passion in your people to perform like they’ve never done before!

When you learn how to execute this brilliantly … the business will follow … as will the performance and results.

So many organisations get this so wrong – don’t be one of them.


“We are storming at Verplas with the new culture change programme” DG, Managing Director, Verplas, Feb, 2021.

“From my point of view the job you did with our company was remarkable. You supported us and gave us the opportunity of doing everything that our parent company wanted and more and quadrupling the volumes, changing the brand and changing the culture of management. So your support has been nothing short of remarkable.” KK, Executive Vice President, Honda UK and Europe, July, 2020

Let us help you get it so right, too …

Here at Sewells, we have been helping organisations for over 56 years, through the recessions and disasters and now through the pandemic.  The breakthrough performance you want and need is closer than you think.

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