Changing Behaviours

Behind everything you (and your people) do –  your (and their) thinking is actually driving it.

So, if you (and your people) want to positively change your lives, your performance, your customer satisfaction, your health etc … you (and they) need to change your (and their) thinking. Believe you me, nothing else produces long term, automatic change.

Imagine you are riding in a powerful speedboat on a beautiful, hot sunny day. The speedboat has an automatic pilot set to go east. If you suddenly decide to head west you have two options:

The first option is to grab the wheel and try to override the autopilot and force the craft to head in the opposite direction from where it’s programmed to go.

By sheer power and brute force you could overcome the autopilot, but you would feel constant resistance. Your arms would eventually tire, you’d let go of the wheel and, guess what, the boat instantly begins to head back east, the way it is internally programmed to go.

That’s what happens when you try and change what you do (or what your people do) through sheer will-power or brute force: I’ll force myself to eat less, exercise more, stop being disorganised, look after the customers properly, get to like these new working practices and this new IT system etc.

Yes, will-power and brute force can produce short term change, but it creates constant discomfort and stress because you haven’t reset the autopilot. The change doesn’t feel natural, so eventually you (and your people) give up, go off the diet, give up exercising, stop looking after the customers properly, begin to hate the new working practices, cease using the new IT system and revert to old patterns.

This first option doesn’t work. The second option, thank goodness, does.

Learn how to permanently change your (and your people’s) autopilot.  Change the way you (and your people) think. Human beings become on the outside what they think about on the inside. Lasting change always starts in the mind. The way you think determines the way you feel, and the way you feel determines the way you behave and perform.


How Sewells helps

We’ve just produced a ground-breaking positive change for a company plagued with high staff turnover and absenteeism and low customer retention. We discovered, before we started the work, that the staff thought what they were offering to customers was a bit of a “rip off” and so they felt they were being abused and taken advantage of. We helped them to change their thinking:


  • staff turnover has fallen by 78%;
  • absenteeism is now virtually zero;
  • customer retention has improved by 92%; and
  • sales have increased three-fold


Until you change the way you (and your people) THINK, you’ll never manage to create positive, real and sustainable change in your organisation …and improve performance and results on a long term basis.

Our track record is impeccable, the results we help organisations achieve are breath-taking and our approach and methodology never fail.  Our clients agree:

“Trying to change the way we operated without first changing the way our people were thinking we found out was as costly, as it was futile.  Once the Sewells team moved in and ‘weaved their magic’, sales increased by 100% in four years…in  a market that was stagnant.”
K.K. Divisional Vice President

If you want to avoid reverting to the old patterns of thinking and behaviour that resist change every inch of the way, contact us now and arrange a meeting.  We can meet by Zoom, have a chat on Teams, or eventually even meet face to face again…but however we arrange it, you’ll be really glad we did in order to make 2022 everything – and more – that you want it to be.

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