Business Improvement Vs Business Transformation

You, our clients and prospective clients, often get in touch with us to understand all the ways we, at Sewells, could help improve your business performance.

We’re always delighted to help.

However, after many a good discussion what is quickly realised is that it’s a business TRANSFORMATION that is needed and wanted!


Business Improvement

Business Transformation

Focuses on “fixing the past”

Focuses on “creating a new, better and sustainable future”

Improvement is driven by tactics and relies on processes, methods and systems.

Driven by strategy and fundamentally changes attitudes, mind sets and beliefs. (i.e., culture)

Creates small increments in performance and results

Creates significant increments in performance and results

High risk – most initiatives fail (70%)

Low risk, most initiatives succeed (85% +)


Do you now know the difference between business improvement and business transformation? Of course you do!

You will also know a strong “unstoppable”, “bring it on” culture is the only thing that drives significant improvements in performance and results in, any business –  just look at some of the results we’ve helped produce …

  • As a result of our work with an organisation in the automotive industry they had seen sales increase by 20%, in a market up by 4%.
  • Another organisation in the manufacturing industry had seen a massive 148% increase in sales
  • Also, after working with an organisation in financial services, they’ve had a 25% uplift in sales in a flat market –  and the margin has increased.

If you want similar performance transformations, simply contact us today on 01244 681 068 or email for a “no obligation” strictly no obligation chat with one of our capable team …  you’ll be really glad you did.

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