Where are we going and how do we get there?

How would you feel if you received a call from your HR Department, telling you that, for the first time ever, absenteeism was at 0%?

If you think that’s just too good to be true, then we’d understand your scepticism. In 2013 alone, absenteeism cost UK businesses £29 billion! Almost every industry in the UK faces the same challenges in terms of absenteeism and staff retention, as a consequence of low morale, increasing work pressures and stiff targets.

Do you want to know how to reverse that trend in your organisation and, in the process, create an environment where your people can’t wait to come into work every day?

The process starts with establishing a basic tenet about your business and why the world needs your services – otherwise known as your vision and values.

Just off the top of your head, do you know what yours are? How about your team? The entire company?

A vision is an image of your desired future. If you’re clear about the future you want AND everyone in your business has that same picture, then you can all work together to get there. It helps your people to firmly grasp the “Where we are going.” And it gives purpose and meaning to the daily tasks people do at every level of the organisation.

Values are guiding beliefs about how things will be done. They help to identify and execute expected standards of behaviour within the business, to which everyone can commit to display and support. This is the “How do we get there?” and “This is the way we work together.”

In our experience, we’ve seen far too many companies that have a vision and values that no one knows or believes in, or newer companies that have no vision and values at all!

Done correctly, a good vision and values is a strong, unifying force. Put into place and implemented, you’ve just laid the groundwork for a passionate, unstoppable business culture where people wake up and look forward to coming to work every single day – who wouldn’t want that for their business?!

One company we worked with had their absenteeism drop to 0% for the first time ever … for SEVEN consecutive months … on top of a 19.3% increase on productivity. Talk about results!!

If you already have your own “Where?” and “How?”, or even if you don’t, and you want to tackle the “When?” (especially if it’s NOW), give us a call on 01244 681 068. You’ll be really glad you did!

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